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seo youngho。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 12 minutes ago Reply
pocket bc i want to save it near my heart mork

seo youngho。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 8 minutes ago Reply
uwu save it to brighten your day mork. Hyung loves you the most my dude

hwang hyunjin。10:13:56 AMReply
Well yeah I birthed mark 
He is my lil  
Why would I want someone touching my UnU 
Unless y'all dating then I want sum money

kim taehyung。ᵛ 1 minute ago Reply

*gasps and snuggles into mark* 
you are suddenly my favorite human.

na jaemin。5:20:53 PMReply

no thoughts just mark ☺️🥰

na jaemin。10:31:38 PMReply

mark oppa