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ahn jiyoung 1 minute ago Reply

hey rojie, starting the day with you puts a smile on my face so thank you for being you < 3 thank you for existing < 3
huening kai 22 seconds ago Reply 

rosies are red
violents are blue
rosie is precious
stan the brow line too

jung jaehyun 14 seconds ago Reply 

rose is so cute help

ha sooyoung 19 seconds ago Reply 

also goodnight my favorite flower!

ahn jiyoung 3 minutes ago Reply
rojie, you. wife. mine. now. yes?
yoon jeonghan 8 hours ago Reply
but no, i still rather to see you so he can stay hidden all he want

- park chaeyoung (rosé), blackpink, february, 11, 1997 (25), straight, not looking (for now!).

- feel free to pm me for plotting or drop a small starter on my wall.