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jung dana. 1 minute ago Reply

jang wonyoung.10:59:54 AMReply
waking up at six am everyday to hear winsabelle talk on the speaker > <
jang wonyoung. 1 minute ago Reply
wonyo: where's tu?
winsabelle, on the speaker: can whoever's axing the elephant villager stop T____T
wonyo: oh, that's tu
lolo zouai. 58 seconds ago Reply
lolo zouai. 47 seconds ago Reply
i adore winter so much (i've been here for an hour)
lee seokmin. 24 seconds ago Reply
song yuqi.9:22:48 AMReply
if u don’t love winter… ur crazy
seol inah. 22 seconds ago Reply
i wub you too winteo ♡
1310647.jpg?v=52090 cha eunwoo. 1 minute ago Reply
♥^♥ isabelle, a kind species