freddie liu. 24 seconds ago Reply

Park sakura lopez ♡

yoo jimin.23:50:16Reply

yoo jimin.23:50:15Reply

sakuku marry me <3

yoo jimin.23:56:45Reply

miyawaki sakura.23:56:28Reply
whY are you calling me sakoku decree

because you're my one and only eternity u-u

kang seulgi. [A] 9 seconds ago Reply

oml irene number one fan saku

kim minjeong. 2 minutes ago Reply

winter and sakura [ spring ], what a pair.

miyawaki sakura.9:10:51 PMReply

park kkura lopez poisons loid forga's drink, but mistakes it for her own and dies.


hirai momo.11:21:44 PMReply

lee chaeryeong.11:21:29 AMReply
Sakura best gurl

han jihyo.13:38:17Reply

most than dk. < 3

han jihyo.13:38:11Reply

sakuwa, ily most. < 3

lee seokmin. 6 seconds ago Reply

huggles kkura real tight uwu <3