name: lee yongsoo. 
age: 24 years old. march 30th, 1999.
subgender: omega.
orientation: demiromantic/switch.
occupation: resident doctor || heir to a major hospital. for extra money, works for the mafia on the side.
height: 171 cm (5'7)

weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
scent: lemon and chamomile


eyes: obsidian black.
hair: midnight black
body modifications: tongue piercing. lobe piercings on both ears, a spine tattoo of a gladiolus.
scars: a scar running down his abdomen.
body description: slender yet toned and lean. goes to the gym three times biweekly (or whenever his schedule lets him). slightly broader shoulders, thin waist, long legs. appears taller than he actually is. 


positive traits: dedicated. rational. thinks from an outside perspective. resilient. decisive. patient.
neutral traits: attentive. intense. aloof. ambitious. direct. 
negative traits: apathic, favors his rational side over his irrational. aloof. keeps himself detached from others. often guarded emotionally and even physically. stubborn. doesn't know when to give up.