Personal Message

*looks at Jongupieeeeeee's personal message*

OMG I didn't see dat yet! I'm so sorry Jongupie~

*huggles you*

Awww <3

Okay, it's my turn now~

Jongupie, when I first met you, I suddenly knew you were, and still are, breautiful inside and out. Especially to me. :3  You were so fun to be with and I found that I was more comfortable with you than other guys. And then I couldn't be on as much and got kicked out. I became so sad and didn't see your last message. And then Eunji unnie told me that you asked me if I wanted to become your girlfriend before I was kicked out. So I quickly re-applied and came back just for you and the rp. Have I told you that you acting like a gentleman around me makes you look cute? Well, it's true. >///< You make me say things that I haven't said before about a guy. 


Let's stay together 4ever, your Amber <3333

p.s. do you know how to photoshop? Otl