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Park Jimin
Just a youngster without dreams...
Jimin had a reasonably simple upbringing; a roof over his head, meals on the table and formal education. His parents, who traveled frequently, made it transparently clear that they were too young, too pretty and too in love with each other to be bothered by a sniveling child. Not to mention they had very little precious time to spare for Jimin. When a private Middle School with boarding options opened nearby, the Parks enthusiastically enrolled their son, then disappeared. 

Perhaps too naive or maybe too tender hearted, Jimin does not resent his parents. Because of their absence while he was growing up, Jimin became self sufficient long before venturing out on his own. Jimin maintained top grades all throughout school and dedicated himself solely to his studies. Unfortunately, despite being talented in many areas, Jimin never gave his future any thought.
Without a career direction, Jimin encountered difficulty pursuing higher education. Before completing High School, he started working odd jobs here and there, saving up just enough money to lease an apartment. Jimin's luck hasn't panned out much since then.

For now, Jimin is content with the daily excitement and challenges homemaking entails. While most would be frustrated or antsy without an end goal or a path to it, Jimin doesn't mind taking things in stride. He's mature for his age, and has been for years, but in many ways, Jimin is still growing up and finding himself. There is nothing he values more than his friends; the people he considers to be his true family.

Jimin has natural chemistry with just about everyone and is eager to meet new people. Jimin is a bit of a coffee expert and loves to take pictures of people or things he finds interesting. Jimin also enjoys sketching and drawing. He wears a knitted anklet on his left ankle at all times; seriously you will never see him take it off and if you try to move it, expect to be kicked in the throat. It's his most important posession, the only thing he has ever owned which truly belongs to him.    
Jimin hasn't found his passion just yet; his confidence and optimism aren't wavered, though. There are incredible things in store for Park Jimin. You'll see.

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Snapshot Info -
Name: Jimin aka ChimChim or Chimmy
Age: 22
Current Job: Waiter
Desired Occupation: Undecided
Place of Employment: Diner
Relationship Status: Single
ual Orientation: Homoual, bottom
Address: Silver Springs 601
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Time Zone: GMT -4 or-5 bc daylight savings
POV: 3rd or detailed 1st is fine but please specify your desired length

01. Please be patient. I have other rps that I am reasonably active in. I'm usually pretty fast, but if you have to wait 24 hours just chill out. I also have a job and school. Sometimes my hours will be inconsistent.
02. I'm very friendly. I love people and I will roleplay with anyone who asks so don't be shy.
03. I don't mind starting but if after writing the starter your reply doesn't interact with mine or have a convo starter for me we have a problem. I will not change my character bio just to rp with you. This is why plotting is important.
04. If you aren't terribly creative I will probably not be able to rp with you, I need plot and chara development, please. If you leave me a ton of closed replies and only mirror exactly what I do or say without continuing the plot I will give up.
05. My character is a bottom. Period. End of story. That doesn't mean I won't talk to and rp with other bottoms. Honestly, if we are talking non-penetration I have no problem messing around with other bottoms [kissing, touching, getting off etc]. My goal in this rp isn't primarily . Do not try to make my chara top.

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