Birthdate: May 2nd, 1997

Orientation: Homoual

Relationship Status: Single

Writing Style: 1st&3rd 

Clique: Actor

Thoughts: ...


Son of Lucifer, there's nothing very special about me. From the name of my father, you'd think I'm just like him. But no. I'm actually quite the opposite. At first glance, I seem cute and innocent, and that's what I'll continue to be, until you get on my bad side. That's when I turn ignorant, cold, and harsh. I'm a two-sided person and that's that. I also have multiple personalities, my feelings mercurial, so don't play with me. Alongside that is my power of darkness. I have a great amount of control of using my power, but there's one thing. When I get upset, all types of forms of my power will unleash, from black holes, to an enveloping pitch-black darkness that could engulf you whole. So please, stay on my good side. I don't want to hurt anyone. Hearing all this, I hope you're not afraid to approach me... Just please be my friend, and everything will be alright.

e u e

e u e

creditto wildtemptation.