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Ryu is quite feisty one, he really can be. He is laid back and just does what he feels like. Even though he might seem arrogant Ryu is actually used to be vety lonely guy and now that he took over his father's business he found new friends.

Long story short. He was invited to the show because of his father (the ritch man who began the show just to prove the son that gay people don't last forever and it's just the they are interested in... just a phase) he got a job to pair people and well his father's theory was sometimes right but there were rare people who actually fell in love, who actually hold onto each other for what their heart tell them and so Ryu fell for his work as well.

His father still disapproved but slowly by years their relationship got better when the show became success and his father got into the hospital. They haven't progressed too much but compared to past it was better as Cjamm grew more as a person himself after experiencing the pain of heartbreaks and even those two times when he was engaged and left before the marriage could happen.

Ryu has no experience in actual dating or love as his past relationships were mostly one sided. His first one when he was about to get engaged was a relationship where Jamm got ignored about a year only to be told in the end the other party just said he didn't love him anymore and it didn't work out.

After that the tattooed man was single for two years if you count all the ignoring that happened in his past relationship, honestly trough all break ups and make ups they weren't official anymore so if not on couple list I guess indeed he was single for whole two years (soon in Summer) Then there were two times he built a crush but guess what. Everyone found him too much and left before he could woo them. Even that second time when he got engagged he was left for the same reason how funny how it happened every two years. He seemed not to learn that he is nothing but a poison. Someone who wouldn't be chosen by anyone even if their life was on the very edge and they had to choose death or jamm, nobody would choose the cupid.

Jamm broke even more after his father's death. He lost his friends, family and only got and .
Baby, I Only Have You
ideal type? well someone taller and muscular but it isn't important as long that someone can pin him down. Ryu likes someone who can argue with him, sometime and yeah Ryu will tease back. He needs someone he could fight with and then cuddle afterwards, enjoy small talks... and one more thing, that someone should get ready for beast Ryu to tackle him because oh boy Ryu is 24/7 (still bottom though). /coughs/.
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 2015 Best Secret Santa? cjamm
2015 The best stalker? cjamm
  2015 The Most one? cjamm
2016 The Most one? cjamm
2016 Cutest Couple? Jay Park & Cjamm
2016 Biggest Ego award goes to? cjamm
2016 The best stalker? cjamm
2016 The most kindest person? cjamm
2017 The Person on Top of Naughty List
2017 The Person on Top of nicest List
2017 best bum
2017 A Person You Wish Had a Mistletoe Above Him 24/7 Time Around You
2018 the owner of the warmest hug
2018 secretly
2018 The Person Who Got Most Wet In DC/MARVEL POOL PARTY

2018 Most wanted man
2018 The Owner of Loudest Moans
2018 it fits i sits
2019 the party animal
2019 Rabbit Award - who always
2019 Dinosaur Award - the tallest/oldest
2019 most ual ship: joonkyung & cjamm
2019 the most extra
2019 LITH Oldschool star


2015 Most smackable award? Cjamm
2016 Most ed person? Cjamm
2016 The most interesting couple? cjamm x jay park

2017 best summer body? cjamm
2017 The Person who is as sweet as gingerbread?
2018 sunshine that causes flowers to bloom
2018 Couple That Will Stay Here For 3 Years More: choi seunghyun x cjamm

2018 LITH Kinkiest Man


2016 Best dp? Cjamm
2017 summer festival soul & spirit: cjamm

2017 the boy punished by summer gods?
2017 Person you would like to throw bunch of snowballs at?
2018 best kisser
2019 most ual ship: seunghyun & cjamm


+cjamm is there anyone else who stalk people? i don't think so  
2017 (1st place comments) +Cjamm because hes a naughtly lil thing +Cjamm (you're just both hun)

2015 more than once nominated Best smile
2015 nominated Kinkiest
 2016 Most wanted
2016 Most wanted
2016 for the most gentle person
2016 for the best wifu material
2017 the best summer dp
2017 summer sunshine
2017 the cleanest summer
2017 best swimmer
2017 biggest gift package
2017 Person who could work as santa's elf this year

2018 sunshine of the year
2018 that is full as a peach
2018 the one you want to fight so much you could accidentally make out with
2018 the flower boy
2018 most annoying friend

2018 best summer body
2019 the awkward potato
2019 The Cupid Cjamm of lith 
2019 the penguin cjamm of lith
2019 most innocent ship: ahn jaehyo & jamm

from 2016 Shin Hoseok (kissung): Message: Jamm, thanks for being the best Admin ever!! From: Shin Hoseok Message: love you my darling friends  To: Cjamm 20170214

From 2016 Seungcheol: Message: I thought you'll be getting a lot of
20170216 To: Cjamm Message: For being awesome and patient with us. <3 From: Cheol

20170214 From: Taehyung Message: Stay safe and wear a , guys. To: Cjamm
20180205 from taehyung Message: I'm such a friend. Thanks for putting up with me, and keeping us all grounded. May you have a bomb Valentine's Day this year and in the coming years too, man. You deserve it!

from Hoseok 2016 Message:C-Jammm!: Haha! Get it?! Cause it's Christmas jam?! Ahhh tough crowd~ but actually, I remembered that day ya told me I was jelly, an I thought why not give ya some real jelly right? So this happened! /then/ I found my opportunity an made it into a pun~ go me! But take it as somethin to remember me by:P
from Hoseok 2016 Message: Serious serious gift lol: I have no clue what the heck happened when I was gone but hope I hit the mark on this next one, dear admin~ chocolate and whiskey! What's not perfect bout this combo?! /pats u/ : )
from Hoseok 2016 Message: REVENGEEEEE XD: you guessed it! An no, it's not edible. : P It's my revenge for givin me all those weird toys smh XD hope u heard of boku no ual harassment tho ; )

from Hoseok 2016 Message: Lacey black boxers: a serious gift to make up for my revenge lol XD hope ya like!~ /nods/ Bc I'd want this for myself actually but since I'm broke, I decided to jus buy it for ya : P see? I can be nice too~ smh anyways, hope ya enjoy it with your future one night stands~ XD
20170216 From: Hobi Message: Pink is for admiration, guys! : D thanks for takin the time to talk to me even if I annoy ya guys for bein suuuuper slow! Orz. Even now, I dun have time to write ya guys a personalized msg /coughs/ blame Jamms for pulling a fast one on me fore classes lol... To: Cjamm aka Christmas jamm XD

20170216 Thanks admin for always puttin up with me, everyone else, an me an everyone else! /laughs and throws something/ think fast! /chuckles shaking head and driving off to class/ from Hoseok


from Kikwang
/snickers/ Enjoy auntie jamm

hello 20170728 summer tuna won me this:

20170807 best gift ever/wipes tears away

2017 & 2019 ordered special moodboards for me hower to know from who:

2017 halloween photobooth pics:

from jongsuk
message: Love you Jammie, have a Merry Christmas <3 Message: Okay, okay I know I already sent you some gifts, but I wanted to send you this too because I'm sure you've been stressed and could use a relaxing bath. I don't know if you like baths, but maybe you can share it with a certain someone /winks Please enjoy and thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas (again otl) (2017 christmas)

from hakyeon
message: I'm sorry for being the as always, have a merry christmas
(2017 christmas)

from ilhoon
Message: Let's talk about the presents. One is for one of your babies /or even you/. I think it would suit them a lot; b;; As for the second, I was tempted to give you the maid outfit one BUT I believe this one will look better, in special because your breathtaking body will be in full display. Hope a special someone appreciates it when the time comes;);; And finally, that little troll. Please, make it grow healthy, ok? Give it tons of attention and love, just like what we have in between our friendship-even when I'm away. ~ Merry Christmas, dear Jammie. The best of bests. My best :D Ps: Cookie Monster is one of my favorites 'monsters' and since you are my favorite person I had to give it to you. 
(2017 christmas)

from joshua
messgae: Thank you for being the best person for everyone out there! For being kind, caring and honest toward every person and making people feel important in this place! I wish you all the best this christmas and please don't ever change Jammie! (2017 christmas)

from joshua 2019 fortune cookie

from kim eli
Messege: I don't know why but I like how you stalk eople around, you seem to care for us, thank you. Merry chirstmas
(2017 christmas)

from daehyun
MESSAGE: HOHOHO Jamm!! Merry Christmas and I just want to thank you so much for everything that you've done for me. You've let me meet so many awesome people and one of them is you. I'm just so grateful for your existence. You know that you'll always have a special place in my heart. Your dreams are awesome hence I gave you some pillowcase hoho ene You like cuddling so you have three new cuddle buddies now!!! I gave you the warmer that you so kindly explained to me since you're always cold. LMAO Then a very healthy Christmas tree! Since I know you're all for that staying fit. Hohoho. And some things that can help heat up your cold Christmas /wiggles eyebrows/ whichyou canreallyusewithmatthew makemyotpcometrue e n e Again, Merry Christmas and thank you for everything! (2017 christmas)

from minghao
Dear Ryu, When I first joined here, I was a bit overwhelmed. Everything was so new to me and I know I may have seemed a bit harsh to you at first, but I really do respect you. Not only did you give me a safe place to come to, you gave me new friends, my first love, and a family. I want you to have this snack. It's healthy for you, and I hope it will be a good boost of vitamin C to get you through the day... A cute sweater, like you, to keep you warm. And lastly, I want you to have these rings. I hope that one day you can give it to the person you love because you helped me find the person I love... Merry Christmas, sweet Jamm. (2017 christmas)

from seunghyun
Message: Merry Christmas Jamm! I hope that this year was just as wonderful as you are~! I had a lot of fun with you during Halloween and this Christmas as well and I hope to have just as much fun with you next year! Happy Holidays~ (2017 christmas)

2018 valentine

MESSAGE: JAMM! I hope you a have an awesome Valentine's day! And as always I'm still super thankful to everything you've ever done to me. Really. You're amazing and I will forever admire how you handle this show! So, if you need anyone to talk to about anything then I'm always here, okay? Thank you for being my friend. ;u; from daehyun

Message: Jammmm happy valentines day! You're seriously such a good admin! You care about everyone and you're so so so friendly <3 You're also such a good friend, I'm thankful for you Jamm <3 This gift, please use it wisely e u e

MESSAGE: Hey Bro! Happy Valentine's Day and because you are the best bro, I wanted to give you this to show you my bromantical love. You've got something to snack, drink and of course something for the safety ;) from wonshik ; v ; 

Because friendship is a treasure and you are the biggest of them all. You truly are important to me, Jamm, maybe more than you can point a finger at. In reality, I just hoped you could see how much you are, starting to believe in yourself and your capacities because you have plenty of them. But, the biggest one is your heart, you know? How you can manage to keep everyone that it's dear to you there; how you are capable of finding the tiniest space there for someone new; how you love someone with your fullest even if you might not get something really are extraordinary. And I'm way more than grateful for having you in my life. Thank you <3 from ilhoon

Message: Thank you for being the most amazing cuddle buddy ever. You deserve to feel special every day, not just Valentine's day. Here's a little gift to show how important you are to me, hope you like the flowers <3
from ahn jaehyo

 if a day comes where your heart finds itself heading towards a different direction, never say no to me holding your hand in my icy cold ones. i'll take you back to where you belong: in my heart, and on my lap. from Yijeong
2018 white day

from seungkwan 

Jaaammmm!!! happy white day! I hope you can find happiness and love, first and foremost with yourself though! You’re such an amazing admin and person in general <3 We should play more games and watch more movies together~ from seungkwan 2018 white day
Message: Jamm, here is an appreciation from me! I know I havent been around a lot;--; trust me I see your rabbit invitation but mostly I saw them at work and cant really do anything about it;n; I really appreciate you because you're the one who made this family and i think you did such a great job! I think you've been thru a lot're strong and wonderful and you have people who loves you! like me and your friends here. You're worthy and I hope you remember that all the time. Anyway I miss you jamm and I love you! 2018 summer appreciation

you've got mail, from woohyun!
Fr: Cjamm

Thank you for being a good admin, all the best for you and for this roleplay
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you've got mail, from joonkyung!
Put this on the day after the event come to the Airport 10am. I have something planned. You know what this is right? Babe I love you more then anything and I need you and want you so let's not wait to much longer. ♡.
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you've got mail, from hwang hyunjin!

one for when you feel a little empty you know where. and cuffs because you're not going anywhere. aha. i know i always get on your nerves but i still appreciate every little thing you do for the better of lith. no more rage leaving like the last few times you did. it gives us panic attacks. please always be reminded that you are loved by your friends.
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2020 valentine received chocolate (hover):

2020 gifts sent trough online shop

from kyuhyun
message: cheer for the event mama ❤.