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îngeraș; thanatos-。
îngeraș; thanatos-。
okay so, i'm going to start with the fact i
didn't know it was your ing birthday
until you just randomly let it slide and I'm---
so mad because i adore making these super
cringy posts. but anyway, on with the
overflow of sappy emotions.

i'm honestly just doing my best here because
i've been awake since yesterday,  4 am to be
exact ( it's currently almost 2 am now, oops ).
so, I'm running on fumes but for my precious,
adorable mingles, I shall proceed onward.

we haven't known each other very long and
tbh, i almost missed out on getting to know
you due to my muses being preoccupied but
you have no idea how glad i am to have been
able to befriend you. i have never adored
someone so fast in my entire life? I would
honestly burn down a city if you asked me to
and if it made you happy - you don't even
know the lengths i would go to just to
make sure you were happy, okay-

i don't really know what it is, if i'm honest,
you just have a natural softness about you,
i feel very at ease and comfortable with you.
be it ic or ooc - i know that both ways, i can
go to you if i ever need to and i hope you
know i'm always here for you, too. you've
helped me with quite a lot when it comes to
ooc and let's be real, your muses are
just - hearteyes ( especially @ our prince
and princess because i love them so much. )

I know it isn't my fault I didn't know about
your birthday but I'm still sorry I wasn't
able to send you happy wishings sooner.
you often tend to skirt around my little
compliments and soft words buuuut now
you have no choice but to face them, so ha-
I adore you to bits, i really do and I hope
we'll be friends for a long time, losing you
isn't something I want to face anytime soon.

i love you very, very much, okay? ♡ and,
from this day forth, as you seem to be
awestruck on the fact i'm the size of a
ing drow- ( for those who don't know
what that is, i'm 157cm tall aka short. ),
i'm happy to aquire the title of your
joongie uwu as long as you'll be my mingi.

this is going to get like, super hella long if
i don't stop now because listen, i could go
on and on about how much i adore you but
you might smack me for that s o
happy birthday, dove! u w u remember that
I'm always going to be here, okay? i promise.

insert cringy birthday poem here:
May your birthday be special,
May everything go your way,
May you only receive warm wishes,
May you have the perfect day.

and just to add something extra: