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KyuHae here, at your service! Quite literally since I'm a layout designer here on AFF and RpR. Just visit my shops if you ever wish to request one or use one of the existing layouts in my archive. I'm still learning and improving my HTML so please look forward to my updates. 

Other than that I guess I should tell a little about myself ooc wise. My timezone is GMT -8 and I've been roleplaying in general for about 4-5 years already. I'm no veteran, honestly, I just like putting my fanfic ideas into life, since I'm honestly too lazy to write one, not that I haven't tried before. I'm not always online even it my status does say that, it's probably because I'm on my phone and logged on. I play basketball, it's a sport I'm passionate about and I used to play for my high school team. Jersey number was 21 and it's my favourite number since when reversed, it's actually the day of my birthday. Quite the coincidence since I've wanted the number 20 before. 

I've been into k-pop for a proud five years already starting in high school whenmy friend introduced me to it. Not to mention, I even e of my best friends who disliked k-pop to love it in the end. Feel free to talk to me by dropping a comment on my wall. But if you want to add me as a friend please make sure I know you enough before you click the add button thanks.
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Annyeong~ Chan Hee or Chany or Chu here! (too self-conscious to put a picture of myself up ><") As you can see I love to roleplay and I can design layouts for roleplay profiles (takes awhile though). I have my own shop back in AFF. So a little about myself...I'm a high school student in grade 12. I'm quite a busy body as I have tutors for math, physics and English and I also take piano classes. I'm a dedicated basketball player to my school team and my uniform number is 21. My favourite sport is basketball along with badminton. I have a few interesting hobbies: reading, listening to K-pop music on my ipod, playing video games, arts and crafts and the occassional singing. Well...I think that's pretty much it...I'm just an average girl with a best friend that doesn't like k-pop... but I converted her to like it :3
Sicachu <3
 may 8, 2013
All I can say is, you are amazing, fantabulous, out of this world. I love you wifey! <3
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