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Omg. I cannot stop fangirling over that pic. >.< 
I cannot-

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17 years old
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about ME (ad. rules at the end)
Hello there everyone \o/
 I have a ton of biases so don't be too surprised if you see me rp-ing as different characters in roleplays. I might be rp-ing as Yein in A and Soojung in B and Hayoung in C.

It's honestly just how I keep my inspiration flowing as I get to be different people. Sorta like an actress,really.

Anyways, I'm always open to PM rp-ing even tho I tend to forget to reply. I'm sincerely sorry to whoever I forgot to reply. Do poke me if I did. Then, I'll instantly reply.

My favorite genres tend to be drama, angst and romance. They're the ones I'm best at. As for the worst, I'd have to say.... I haven't rp-ed with anyone before tbvh. and I sorta wanna try but meh. lol

Go ahead and talk to me! I promise I won't bite.


P.S. Here are my advertisement rules.

↳Straight only. I don't really do yuri. I tend to be really inactive in yuri rps. I get overly awkward.I can do but it's rare.
↳I'm fine with either 1st or 3rd pov.
↳If it's a 3rd pov rp, I prefer au rps with interesting themes.

+ The below list are my top biases so yep. There's a 99.9999% I'll join if your rp fulfils the requirements above.

Thank you for reading!

The people I usually roleplay as aka my biases as well as people whom I'd like to rp. I'm more likely to join if these people are available.