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01) No yuri. I do & straight

02) NO crack, school, Matchmaking or only themed rp's

03) an all orientation rp is most likely for me to join (No Yuri only)

04) I like supernatural themed rp's and interesting plots.

05) make sure it's a 1st and 3rd PoV rp.

06) password is 'Rise as God^-^'

07) I choose my character based on the mood I'm in and what fits the rp for me ^-^

08) if you give me an ad I give one back. And you're allowed to do that too. (if I have an ad that is)

09) if the rules get ignored I ignore your advertisement.

About Me

: Kim4Shim : 
: Kimmy: : 29 Jan : : The Nederlands : 

 Mood: I'm doing good

Eargasm: Changmin's high mirotic screams

Eyecandy: Shim Changmin

Craving: Chocolate always 

Wishing:  for the best

Waiting for: ateez concert this March 

Orientation: Straight

Status: Single

Song on reply: Ateez 


About me: 
Call me Kimmy or Kim. I'm a nice person. I try to be.
I like to talk to people and to RP (or I wouldn't be here ^^). I have a busy life so I'm on off. I'm on phone most times.
My bias group is DBSK/TVXQ and my ultimate bias is Shim Changmin. Yes, the evil deer like maknae of DBSK. 






My Bias Lists: not in order and many more

kaikyuhyunTiffany Hwang
Kim YooHyeonTVXQ/JYJ
Lee TaeyongEXOBoA


My Ultimate Bias; SHIM CHANGMIN
I love this man, i'm thankful to him 

He's gorgeous to me.


Music Videos: 

- the two songs that pulled me to DBSK and made me love kpop (strange though, they both Japanese songs):

- my favorite super junior song(I'm part E.L.F too^^)

- Lee Taeyong is life: 

~My Profile pic history I liked most^^~



*me when cold*