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I AM . . .
I'm uhhhmm (well, durh). No, but seriously, I don't give my name away to strangers. I'm a huge YG stan, I can relate to stuff that are about hot, handsome and nearly perfect Korean/Chinese/Thai/American k-idols. But  I don't just support 'idols', I support musicians (as in, seriously, musicians.)

If it's not obvious, I have a certain liking to pink. But I'm not really addicted to it, just 'like' it.

I watch k-dramas once in a while. When a plot seems interesting, I'll watch it, if I had time. I watch variety and reality shows too. Most shows I've watched has Super Junior or Big Bang in it.

I'm not like any other fan that likes one group and hates their 'rival' group. I like all groups, I try support them. I mean, anyone knows how hard it is to get hated for something you dreamt of. The idols you 'hate' because they're against(?) the group you support, they went through hardships; singing and dancing 24/7, travel to different locations, and being away to their families. The idols you adore are people too, they're not as perfect as you think and has flaws. They work hard in the thoughts of making their fans happy. I mean, gaining 1000+ fans is hard for someone like me, and since they would support me (they're my fans after all) I'll do everything to make them happy. So 'hating' this group and 'loving' that group is totally stupid and immature. You should have a logical reason for hating someone, not just because they're winning over your favored group in voting, polls, and awards.

Ah, well. I needed to say it, for those haters and antis out there and for the fanwars to stop.We need world peace, you guys.

Enough with this kind of talking, my finger are itching to add emoticons and stuff. Okay, I've held it well enough. Talking in proper sentence is harder than I thought, seriously.

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About Me


I have an FB account, PM me if you wanna know (I have to know you first).
I'm antisocial. I can type, but I can't talk.
I can make layouts, but the new format of AFF confuses me.
I'm a rookie at graphics, but I can make XCFs and short GIFs.
I'm a busy girl. Seriously.
I support all groups, duos, soloists, producers, directors, choreographers(lol), actors, actresses, and entertainers. Because they work hard.
I just can't seem to like 1D. Okay, I like some of their songs but that's it.
I'm a straight female. Just in case someone asks.
I'm not good at socializing, or chatting with random people. But if we have something in common, we might talk about lots of things.
I like emoticons.
I watch animes (rarely), I also read mangas (like those shoujo ones, I find gender-bend mangas fun too).