About Me

basic information

the shorthand stuff.

Alias(es)/Nickname(s): mimi, shelly.

Date of Birth: august 26, 1999.

Age: 18.

Place of Birth: in my mom's pus pus.

Current Location: in my bed.

Occupation: student and part-timer.

Orrientation: biual/questioning.

Relationship Status: forever single.


about where i'm from.

i can from my mom's lol then move to my dad's .


about who i am.

i'm basically a introverted weirdo who is a huge . I love so much. i'm very bad at conversations so if you talk to me i'm sorry.

my beloved

my one and only bias.


jiyeon was the reason why i got into kpop. ever since i became a fan of her in dream high 2 i became a kpopper ever since. i will always love her and t-ara. hwayoung #hater

my family

they don't like me.

my favorites

who else i love to roleplay.


behind the scenes

about the typist/writer.

I. i tend to want to couple my ships a lot.

II. i love rping more than straight and yuri.

III. i love all genres.

IV. my favorite anime is naruto(completely random).

V. my favorite color is blue.

VI. please only advertise if the people i roleplay as are available.

VII. don't be afraid to talk to me <3.


a few scenarios.

banghim & bap

so into banghim atm.

banghim is himchan and yongguk. i ing love them and wish to couple them together #desperate. someone please have a roleplay that i can play so i can couple them *^*. i also couple the rest of bap together so any is fine. i prefer to play as himchan.

myungyeon & t-ara & infinite

my one only straight ship atm.

i honestly ship jiyeon and myungsoo for a while and i would love to couple them up again and i'm fine with homouality and yuri or between t-ara and infinite. i prefer to play as jiyeon.

yoonmin & bts

i always love them.

yoonmin are great and i love to couple them together and the rest of bts mix together. i'm fine with either playing yoongi or jimin.