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before pming or advertising please read
my roleplaying terms
I'm not going to ask too much from you, but like any other rper I have my perks to what comes to rping, so telling you what I like and don't, will help us both.

- Most of the characters of the rp and the rp itself must be active, if people don't talk in rooms, walls or barely are doing anything in the rp, why should I be the one to waste time to join just to wait for no one to ever reply?

- I prefer AU rp's, since I can make up my character's background myself, instead of just saying it's a idol, although I don't really mind non-au's as well.

- I don't like /YURI exclusive rp's, although I don't mind playing biual/panual characters once in a while, but please do refrain from sending those to me.

- I don't like MPREG, unless it makes any logical sense. I'm not against gay people, I'm not homophobic. At all. I just think that when men are able to carry children, there should be a reason behind it, besides people simply wanting it.

-I don't like to RP by PM's, but you can always PM/wall me to suggest a rp so we might join together, after we talk about our preferences or we could always do a private RP of our own.

- I don't like Crack-filled RP's. Crack roleplays just tend to have no quality whatsoever, so it's very rare for you to find me on one.

- I like 1st and 3rd POV roleplays, but I play by the 3rd POV, since I tend to write more, like to plot and am Para/Novella friendly.

- I do like to make my plots a little darker once in a while, but do take in mind that some roleplay's concepts might be too triggering [like too much violence/world real war's/racism/etc.] So please don't take sensitive content so easily.

- I mostly play as girls (mostly as Jeon Hyosung -- I find a lot of my own traits mirrored in her, so I became attached to the face-claim -- but can also play sometimes as Goo Hara, Kim Hyuna, Lee Chaerin, Jessica Jung and Park Bom (although Bom is rare this days). Of course that sometimes I play someone that I don't usually play as, but this characters are played as more often);

Once in a while I play as a guy too, although it doesn't happen often since I think that I at it (Like to play as Lee Jaehwan/Ken, Jang Hyunseung/Lee Kikwang, althought it's rare this days and once again, sometimes I do random characters as well, but this ones are the usual.);


OOC INFO & Preferences
- You may call me Bella. I'm a nice rper, unless you give me a reason otherwise.

- Me and almost all of my characters are of age.

- I'm a pretty fast replier most times, If I can't reply I'll probably warn someway, but still feel free to sometimes poke me and I go by the +1/0 GMT.

- If we are playing already and now you somehow can't/don't fell like replying for a long time, please say something beforehand, because if the plot dies, I may end up getting turned off by it.

- Please try not to one line with me unless we both do, the less you write, the less I write, I copy your style of writing and then our plot will be dead, also don't make your character over the top depressing, it's a choice of yours to play it, but it's not my choice to be triggered (Yet, I play dark plots as well, so take the warning with a grain of salt. Talking so we know that we are both comfortable with our plot and trigger warnings will do wonders).

- I like to do any genre, as long as it fits our characters, including (I tend to like to dominate some times, can be really and most times I also curse, even if just a bit, so be aware).
I don't with characters whom I know that are minors, because it's against the law and neither should you if you're underage because then again it's against the law.
Also I tend to roleplay as and with characters around my age.

- Do warn me if at any times while playing within our plot something is triggering for you. I sometimes ask about it, but if I forget and you happen to be triggered, warn me.

- Don't be afraid to approach me in here or any character I might be playing as.

- I don't mind plotting and I can also wing it, but plotting helps the thread to stay alive.

- I'm not a native English speaker, so excuse any typos or confusing errors I might give, don't hesitate to ask me what I meant on what I wrote if you didn't got it at first, chances are that I might do the same if not understanding or will use Google to translate some words or look for their meanings.

- My style of writing:
   I guess I'm a speed roleplayer in those roleplays were almost everyone one lines, since the replies don't take much details into it, but I rarely apply for those this days, yet of course can keep the style to IC rooms in roleplays, even if in small yet still detailed forms.

    On more intricate rp's (most times 3rd POV roleplays) I'm a para roleplayer/semi-para/novella (literate) roleplayer, but the responses I give will depend on what I'm getting from the characters, the plot itself, the quality I'm getting from my roleplaying partner and what comes from my inspiration.

    To finish, I have a few pet peeves when rping with someone, take in mind that I don't say this to sound mean, but I just am turned a bit off by this. So please if we rp together don't do this:

- I dislike the usage of emoticons during the scenarios, unless they are sending phone messages to each other or leaving a written message of some sort within the plot's realms.

- I also would prefer if people make less usage of words such as 'aigoo' or 'Ottokae' or anything of that sort, I get already that by writing in English,  unless stated, our characters are talking in Korean, so there is no need to use this random words, it just looks stupid, but don't take me wrong, I'll still rp with you if you used them, but it kind of makes me cringe. (I mean I will stand it once in a while, seeing that some words don't even have a direct translation and all, but if the person's replies mostly consist of this, then we will have a problem.)

- I know it's not people's fault sometimes and sometimes I also do just one lines when it's 1st rp's with no need to much details, so in that case, you're right and it's only fair, but once I give you a reply with at least four lines or more don't reply with a few words only or a simply line,  our plot dies.
I can't always manage to pull ideas out off my to keep us going.

- I hate drama, so please if you have a problem with me talk calmly and we can come to a conclusion, also avoid bluntly lying to me and ignoring me, I'll know when I'm being lied to and chances are that if reaching breaking point, I'll just drop the plot with you and maybe even the roleplay.
- I simply hate when people are the ones to be online reply to other people, ignore my replies to them and when I try to poke them once, to know if the reply was sent or not, they scold me for it.
I'm not entitled to obligate you to anything, true, but if you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, drop the plot, don't make me just wait for nothing or at least give me a heads up so I know what's going on and can wait patiently -- Again, communication is key. If we talk, we will be able to make things run more smootly.

- Hate when people gang up on someone even when having the reason, which they obviously lose by the time they bully the other. Roelplaying is meant for having fun, not for boxing sessions to take course.

- Although its kinda adorable, I don't really like to be followed around every roleplay I enter, its obvious to see when a person is doing this on propose and I'll probably feel awkward, out of place, rejected if being left aside by you for other people around even when the roleplay might be marvelous since you did follow me and I'll create expectations and once anxiety takes a big tool on me, I'll probably leave the roleplay you followed me in, which isn't fun, since this basically means that you turned me off of it and every time you do this, I'll feel probably obligated to want to leave even if loving the rp.

Unless you're up to give me the equal attention and roleplay with me after you do follow me in and possibly gush about finding me, then don't do it.

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