Personal Message


imma let y'all decide whether i'm a dude or dudette *slapped*
proudly singaporean
500 years and still 160cm
speaks fluent english, okay-chinese (yep e.e) and a bit of korean + tagalog


My RP Life

first things first, I DO NOT do ty rps. I'll just ignore it and hit delete o u o I'm totally fine with either 1st or 3rd pov~

I'm a very open roleplayer so I'm up for almost any kind of character, be it male or female. I may seem to be online 24/7 but it's because I use mobile. *nodsnods* BUT the connection outside of my house is kinda slow, so it might take a while for me to get back to you.

I think the most you'd have to wait is 20 minutes if I'm not busy with school or personal stuff. I might be joining more rps, but it rarely happens so...

I don't have any particular characters that I usually roleplay as. All my characters are different people :D


under co.