Personal Message
Oh Sehun/ April 12 1994 (age 19)/ Lead dancer, rapper, sub vocalist, maknae/ Homoual, uke.
I'm sad. I'm ugly. I'm fat. I'm psychopatch. I'm in pain. I love pain. I'm no cute. I'm heart broken. I'm nice. I'm stupid. You lie. No, you don't love me.  Shut up. I love blood. I kill myself everyday. I cry. Come back to me, please. I'm ing, stupid ! I don't smile. I have no talent. I'm normal. I feel bad. Please, help me. I neet love. For me there is no love. I'm alone. I'm depressed. Please, hug me. No, kill me! I want to die. I want sleep. I need someone to take care for me.  Stop eat, !  No one care about me. Only in my dreams I am "someone". I want knife. Kill me, ! Leave me alone. I want to be normal. Take me away. Who cares what you feel, ? Die, die die. I'm nothing. I want to scream. I do everyhing bad. No one understands me. I'm stranger. I'm closed. Everybody hates me. And i just die today.