About Me

BIRTHDATE / MAY 25, 1995
AGE / 21



alright so my basic info is located 
above. in addition to this, i'm in
gmt -5 and usually more readily on 
during my evenings and nights rather
than during the day due to work.

when roleplaying with me, there are 
few requirements. first is dont ask to
roleplay with me if you will leave me
hanging for weeks on end. i simply 
won't reply anymore after this. second
is a requirement. i'm not saying 
our characters need to get into it every
night. but i do feel the need for characters
to become intimate once in a while.

next topic of discussion would be who 
i play. well that ranges from aomg
artists to international models. also to
exo members, apink members, bap.
as you can see i have no real limitations
i play who i feel like playing or who is
requested, as long as im familiar with 
the group or artist.

lastly, i do do pm roleplaying and if
you're interested you can just message me 
on wall or via pm and i'd love to talk.

and last lastly, please do feel free to 
advertise as you wish. i currently
am not interested in applying for
any new roleplays unless one really
Catches my eye. so advertise...it might
be yours that intrigues me.