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+ooc wifeu/hubby♡
+ aka baobei peach

hey baby girl ♡
this is a daily reminder that you're one of the most amazing and precious people i have ever met. you're the sunshine that makes my gloomy days better and gives me all kinds of warmth when i thought that i'd rot in the cold forever. you're my beautiful vivid flower that blossoms in such pulchritude that i can't help but to wish to nurture you and provide you with the sweetness and love you deserve so that you never wither. you're an amazing friend, a beautiful kind soul who's too good for this world. i love you, thank you for always being there for me, for always making me smile. you're so beautiful in and out, an epitome of an angel who descended from heavens to make my life better. i love you my princess, my baby girl, my baby bean baobei, my cinnamon roll, my sugarplum, my snookums, my sweetums, my precious fluffball, my baby pie, my baby pumpkin, my sweetheart, my darling, my sweet lil mochi, my smolbean, my love and my friend ♡.


felix lee 1 minute ago Reply
chansoo is still THE otp

jung daehyun [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
I love you k o o k

wong yukhei. (Rascal)15:56:08Reply
but I adore him too

jung wheein (spoopymod) 01:32:19 Reply
despite kai being a bum head i do like his presence

kim jongin  (kaibongs)01:38:13Reply
kook in every rp: compliments someone
me as that someone:
kook: not this one

kim doyeon (spotify)15:14:02Reply
i haven't seen u in a while i missed your crack kinda

song mingi (rascal) 5 minutes ago Reply
me to kook: ew
also me: vibrates happily DFFGDFFG

kim sehyoon (pastelmermaid) 5 minutes ago Reply
kook is cool ig

minatozaki sana (pastelmermaid) 3 seconds ago Reply
I missed you kook

byun baekhyun (goddamn) 00:29:42Reply
cries cuz I miss kai

kim wonpil  (dubulge) 00:29:18Reply

kim jisoo [SH] (vetement) 00:33:14Reply
jongin maybe im actually starting to like you just as much your alt : //

⍨ kim wonpil15:17:39Reply
ur my baby uwu

park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ23:39:20Reply
i love princess no matter who they are

park chaeyoung ʳᵒˢᵉ 28 seconds ago Reply
daddyslittleprincess is precious

takamaki 9:00 am

catboy [A] 2 hours ago
<3333333333 i love u princess <333333333 the only princess that matters

nakamoto yuta ᶜᵃᵗᵇᵒʸ [A] 4 minutes ago Reply
the only princess in the world

kim mingyu 4 minutes ago Reply
The best princess in the world