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❝ People who hate on you just cant handle how truly awesome you are. People who love you just learn to tolerate it    
Hello there! My name is Saiya and but most call me Sai~ I love animals and Kpop (duh) and I do have an AFF so check me out there through the links at the bottom. But you arent here to hear about that stuff right? NOPE. You're here to advertise so lets cut to the chase-

Things I will do
*Both AU and Non 
*Both 1st and 3rd POV 
*I love one-on-ones (or PM) so if your interested let me know!
*I'll do all genres
* and straight
*please check to see if at least one of my prefered charecters are available before advertising and put "___ (one of the names) is available" so I know you read.
*I mainly play bottoms so if you are looking for only doms or males for straight onlys dont advertise.
*Im semi para to para, mirror, or action writer
*I love , so is a must in your roleplay :3

Things I wont do
*Yuri (I dont mind if its in the roleplay I just cant do it myself)
*I cant do roleplays based off Harrypotter, pokemon, dragonball Z, things like that.

My charecter picks:
Jimin (BTS)
BamBam (GOT7)
Minwoo (Boyfriend)
Tao (EXO)
Yibo (UNIQ)

Jimin (AoA)
Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)
Lime (Hello Venus)
Important Links:

AFF | Applecracker
I share an AFF with my friend. She does most of the writing and I do a lot of the proofing but we share it and write together.

 Roleplay | Shipperofallships One-on-ones 
This is where I do all my one-on-ones Pm-like roleplaying. It helps me keep track. if interested please take a look!