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Hey!I'm Camryn. I live in the US of A. I hope to make lots of friends and I have so far. So plan on making more. Talk me anytime because I'll alway respond no matter how I feel.  I'm usually happy and like talking to people. PM roleplay with me anytime. 
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About Me


Hey everyone! I'm Camryn, also known as Cam, or Camino. I'm usually happy and laughing, not always though. Sometimes I get angry at horrible things I read, hear or see from other people however I'm learning to ignore it and deal with the fact that ignorance it everywhere in the world. I plan on traveling to Korea or Japan so I can teach English to the students. I can't really decide which country I want to travel to so I'm learning both languages for now. I love music, I can't go a day without it, I function the best with music. I only listen to Kpop and Jpop, that's it, so if you ask me about my countries music (America), I probably won't know it. Its pathetic but I don't care because Kpop and Jpop makes me extremely happy. Its helped me a lot through time. No I don't have some sad story, it's just I lost weight to Kpop and I've bettered myself as a person, I have a lot of goals because of it. My main bias groups are (in order), SHINee, F(x), SNSD, Girls Day, BoA, B2ST, etc. mainly those six are the ones I watch the most and keep updated on. Also! If you know Korean or Japanese, then please come find me or something and can you help me learn? That'd be nice^.^

Down below I'll tell you my lovely biases, if you want names I'll definitely tell you the name but everyone knows the names I assume. These aren't in order specifically, some will probably be but not all.

Etc.....I have a lot more probably. Maybe another day I'll put down my favorite music and Anime's! I will! Should be fun! Kdramas as well! Bye! See you again soon!