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choi seungcheol 45 minutes ago Reply

choi hansol 11 seconds ago Reply

choi hansol 27 seconds ago Reply

choi hansol 43 seconds ago Reply
once upon a time
jeonghan spelled my name wrong when i was the yoongi to his coups
and he said "oyongi"
and and now it just
it stuck
so its v precious to me
/hugs the name to my chest

jeon jungkook 2 minutes ago Reply

chittaphon l. [ h ] 3 minutes ago Reply
wheein's fav hoeni 1 minute ago Reply
fairy bread is lovely b t w

mean mark [ h ] 1 minute ago Reply
fairy bread is amazing.

park minhyuk 1 minute ago Reply
just random but like i've been meaning to say this-
-fairybread + pretty boys = i love you
cuz i noticed since forever that you rp pretty boys- if yah know what i mean o u o

yoo yeonjung 2 hours ago Reply
is it just me or has -fairybread already perfected the existence of Jeonghan

hwang minhyun 2 hours ago Reply

yoo yeonjung 2 hours ago Reply
Tbh, -fairybread's Jeonghans are the best 
 meng jia. 21 seconds ago Reply

kim taeyeon. 11 seconds ago Reply
i don't like jeonghan's if they aren't fairybread

byun baekhyun. 4 minutes ago Reply

oh yeah fairybread is a great choa

kim yerim. 5 minutes ago Reply

if i am remembering correctly fairybread is a super lit donghyuck 2

choi yujin ❝ships self with death❞ 1 minute ago Reply

god bless -fairybread as ravi c':

choi yujin 5 minutes ago Reply

are you a fairy or are you a bread

one will never know uwu

choi yujin 1 minute ago Reply

fairybread, the tasty snacc for lil chirren uwu

kim jungeun [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

so i had a thought process when i was accepting bang chan
if bang chan is fairybread-nim 

shouldn't bang chan be bbang chan so it becomes bread chan okno

son naeun 2 minutes ago Reply

i was wondering why miho sounded so cute then i realised.. o u o its the cutie fairybread

prettiest teb. 21 seconds ago Reply

lucas is the most accurate lucas i've seen i love h IM

xu minghao 6 seconds ago Reply

[-fairybread as seventeen: a parent to me
-fairybread as nct dream: a child to me]

kang daniel 2 minutes ago Reply

i just realized byul is my fairybread the jeonghan

lee taeyong 1 minute ago Reply 

park jihyo 7 seconds ago Reply
y blossom 18 seconds ago Reply
i always disney sigh when --fairybread rps jeonghan

ariana grande 38 seconds ago Reply

I love seeing -fairybread around they always make me think of soft cute things

jung jinsoul 1 hour ago Reply

fairybread = jeonghan

jung jinsoul 1 hour ago Reply

clutches chest
fairybread-nim is like the most soffest person

byun baekhyun 20 seconds ago Reply

park seungjun 13 seconds ago Reply
lin yanjun 8 seconds ago Reply
jeonghan and his rper are berry berry endearing

seo youngho 1 minute ago Reply

my tag for renjun's rper 
is "ouo meme plug"

choi bella 6 seconds ago Reply

fairy quoting vines is my aesthetic

lin yanjun 3 minutes ago Reply


kim hyuna 2 minutes ago Reply


ahn hyejin 4 minutes ago Reply

okay but -fairybread is so sweet

lee minhyung 5 minutes ago Reply

fairybread b everywhere as uwu

kang taehyun [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

my forever fairybread

jeon somi 1 minute ago Reply

my fairy o u o

choi san [A] 5 seconds ago Reply

i love fairymom and their meme induced charas

christopher bang ᵉᵇᵒʸ [A] 32 seconds agoReply

i dont join rps where chan is taken unless fairy plays him and thats the tea

kang seulgi 8 seconds ago Reply 

gnight to bbang and only bbang

sonam kapoor 9 minutes ago Reply

ooc but i love fairybbang so freaking much :<

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