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Woogyu poster & Gyurin poster made by me~ <3



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| Yoo Hyosung | 16 | 3rd year kpopper | Major Inspirit <3 |
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Annyeong you stalkers e u e I see that you were curious on wanting to learn more about this roleplayer hmm? Well I shall tell you now. As you can already see, my name is Hyosung but feel free to call me Hyo or if you want, call me by one of my idol nicknames that I go by: Kris, Xiumin, Zico, Sunggyu [ Theres a short description behind each one so if you wanna know why im called these, feel free to ask me on my wall ] I've been into kpop ever since the summer of 2012 and i've been roleplaying ever since last year. Before this site, I roleplayed on Facebook and Twitter but then stopped when my friend showed me this site. 

When I roleplay, I usually roleplay as guys, not girls. The idol I mostly like to roleplay as is Sunggyu but if hes already taken then im fine with rping as anyone else that is free. I prefer rping in the 1stpov more than the 3rd. Im alright at 3rd and i'll do it if you want me to but other than that, I stick to first. I like the following kinds of roleplays...: Nonau, au, school, matchmaking, city/life, straight, fantasy. The ones I dont like are: only, and rps that allow mpreg [ just, no ]

Who and Where im currently rping right now:

SKY: Roleplaying as Kidoh

Moving on to my friends tag~ [ you people are daebak! o u ob <3 ]

gyulaxy. LordShy. Jungah-is-. Jungahs--party.  
HwanHee_Moon. MiracleTwinkle. SomeoneCallTheDoctor. FireBomb/IceyDeath.  
Sunnyy. chingchongveggies. namugyu 
grayfox. strawberries--. miscelleneous. Angel-Sehun-Kitten. pandachan. -aigoomonnia 

<3 ~ Living the kpoppin' life ~ <3

Alright, here is where im gonna talk about my bias, OTPS I ship, the fandoms im in and all that shiz..

First is the first kpop group I fell for was Teen Top <3 yep, thats where I got my first bias, Chunji :3 <333

I soon came across others like Super Junior, B.A.P, BTOB, etc.

You may or may not have figured out who my ultimate bias is, but just in case you didnt, my ultimate bias, the KING of my bias list is...

Infinite's leader, Sunggyu <333

That hamstur wrecked my bias list, COMPLETELY XD

Now its just a big mess of bias' now lol

Hes just perfect tho,like omf- /dies everytime i see him/

<3 <3 <3

U L T I M A T E  B I A S  S P A M

Congrats if you made it this far o u o /pops confetti/

Now, some are my other bias are: Dongwoo, Hoya, Ravi, Ilhoon, Wooyoung,etc.. <3

lol i have so many, an exact number would be 104 husbands total [ yep, no shiz, 104 bias on my list cx <3 ]

Now some of the OTPS I ship are: Gyurin, Yadong, Woogyu, Bamson, Baekren, just to name a few.. e u e <3

Those are a few of the major ones I ship so.. yeah *^*

Last  but not least is some of the fandoms im in besides Infinites fandom. I am a.. Twing, BBC, STARLIGHT, B2UTY, Topp Klass, Angel, etc.. <3

Thats about it!

I hope you all learned something or two [ maybe more ] about me

and I hope you had fun stalking this rolpelayer as well lol

I'll see you people around RPR! o/

Bai Bai~ :3 /waves/