About Me

GMT + 1 (or 2, it depends from time to time, just check out Germany ;) ) - if I am online but not replying I am just asleep with my phone on or in school - I will write back later then!
If my replies are slow, I am on my phone~



Oh, I heard you are interested in some nice rps?
(click the pic!)


So, what do you like?

You love fantasy, dragons, dragon riders and royals? Perfect, check this out!


What? No dragons? Mh, what about some pirates, bandits, soldiers and royals? Oh yes!


Oh, you like gang rps with the police involved? Assassins, drug dealers, es as well as guns? Then here is something amazing as well! 


Not yours? Mh, then maybe idols turned into some damn nice creatures? Have something more than only vampires, werewolves, angels and demons, have some fairies, shifters, elves, gumihos and even ghosts! Or maybe you are still a human? Of course we still have amazing vampires, werewolves, angels and demons as well! 



Of course! You can find me in all of them! So if you wanna rp with me just hit me up there!
Please come and I'll promise nice plots and regular replies!
Aside from that, I am always free for pm rping! I am not that good with straight but if you have a nice plot maybe I am in. You can easily get me with some nice gay men and an interesting plot.

I am actually not picky when it comes to the genres - action? adventure? horror? fantasy? sci-fi? something completely different?
As long as it has a nice plot, I am in

Also, I am always a lot better with 3rd pov - I can go from a few sentences to whole pages, just let me know what you prefer! I still can do 1st, no worries, I just think 3rd gives the story a nicer feeling!

So please don't be shy if you are interested and just come and hit me up!
I am always super happy if someone wants to rp with me!
(I am a hobbyless person and all I do all day is internet and rping aside from watching some series!)