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hey guys. yes, i am super old on this website. i don't want to change accounts. i swear to god i don't like bts (just forgive me at this point). i'll also be keeping this un because i dont want armys taking it. i'm back for the summer for god's long when, so we will see about that.
to the actual intro. i've been around since 2013, and 2012 on aff. i used to roleplay a lot more in 2014-2015 (i honestly forgot), but i will try my best for now. i still go by aiko. i don't care what pronouns you use for me, but it will most likely be s/her because of my name. i'm not serious most of the time since i am actually a crackhead in messages, but i am also very terrible at replying. it is best that you give me a nudge since i tend to check messages and never reply.
at the moment, i only have muse for got7. if you don't have got7, don't talk to me. i'm jkjk (but pls do have got7 if you want me to join).
i have a layout gallery now! i am still figuring out the coding for rpr because it is completely different from aff. please bare with me when it comes to profiles on rps because i do not like using pre-made layouts!!!!!
cancel, communism, collywobbles, rascal, bangnaruto, jettpuffz, woogie, socialism, pizzaisdope, gudetama, devils, angelcode, prompto, yukiko.
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we are now your chingus mark ^^[email protected]!

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dude ur like
my level of crackhead