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hi, the name's rika
hi, the name's rika
Hello there world, my name is Rika (obviously not my real name). I have been part of RPR since 2012. I prefer being male to 90%; being female is a rarity for me. My male characters are to 99.9% straight, with one or two exceptions; any female character is to 100% biual though.
I have a job and classes, so sleep, catching up on real life and my overall well being comes first. I live in UTC+1/DST+2. Replies are done randomly within the day or week. If I didn't reply for two weeks, check first if you have replied before poking me. Feel free to take a break if you have to as well. There is no need for explanations as I understand that some people prefer to not say a thing. Do expect to see me checking up on you though when you have been gone for too long.
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