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About Me
Different flowers match different pairs of eyes. 
— Unknown.
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personal quirks
will only pick out the red gummy bears out of all the gummies in one packet, super clumsy, has a big time obsession over mango and anything mango or maybe anything fruity because food is life(??), tends to be in the moer giggle side when talking to people and its not because i'm shy but more because.. i'm just awkward.
positive traits
trustworthy, very kind to people especially towards strangers, sympathetic and understanding, very much mother-like, caring towards the people i truly care about, is usually called when someone needs help whether it be with school, work, life or financial needs - i'll do whatever to help.
negative traits
 tends to be hot headed very easily, cares a lot about herself first before having to deal with others, has a very straightforward or rather 'aggressive' tone (but istg im not trying to be mean, i just sounds like that in text if i dont use emojis or something), not into confrontation and will most likely ignore or block people that dont benefit me (is this even a negative trait?) 
loves the smell of fresh roses or flowers so that's my perfume, watching a very intriguing anime or a terrifying horror movie, spending time with friends, make up is my best friend, shopping and food dates are the best, i'm pretty into skinship so i get comfortable with people very fast, libraries are fun, cafes are my go-to meet up, poems are the best, books of all sorts like comics and novels, super cute small things like plushies or keychains attract me.
anyone who thinks they can control me and my decisions, i dont like when someone tells me what to do unless i know for myself that i am in the wrong, people who chew very loudly, people who talk too loud, bridges are scary because of a childhood trauma, being left alone in the dark, being lied to, people who make promises only to go against what they originally said they would keep.
journaling, writing poems and composing songs, cooking (even tho i ), baking, singing, dancing, learning new languages, playing instruments (i can play the viola and violin, a little bit of guitar and learning the piano), i love playing basket ball on my free time, swimming, badminton, volley ball, yoga feels great in the morning, collecting seashells and sending them off to my friends and family for holidays and birthdays.
i am terrified of my nightmares because i get them on the frequent. especially when i'm fighting with someone i love like my friend, family, special someone. i also have a fear of bridges because a couple years ago someone shook a bridge that i was walking in and i almost fell through, heights because that went along with bridges i will literally cry, scared of people peeking through small cracks like behind a wall or something, being left alone.
fashion style
depending on my mood, i have different styles. when im at home i always wear shorts and a tee, outside i will most likely wear jeans or a dress if im going somewhere casual, i usually go for shorts or dresses or something fast and quick to wear and just go. when im going out with friends or somewhere special, i take my time. most of my outfits are dark toned colors but my bright colored outfits are out during summer or spring.
hanabi: is my cat that was born from my other cat that had died a couple years ago. hanabi is a boy and i think he's pretty much a boy, we wont talk about him. he's a chunky mf that likes trouble. 
rubin: my doggo given by my grandma but i dont know the breed sadly, he's an old dog. been with me for years. for an old doggo, he protects me all the time and has the sweetest heart. he's just a slow grandpa hehe.
jackie: jack-jack is my chihuahua fairly new baby and new addition to the family. he's super hyper and is quite the loud dog, he likes to play and eat my shoes. :)
kiko: this is my raven. he fell from his tree when he was a baby and i nurtured the bird. thought he was dead but he survived! he talks  A LOT and has an attitude. he's a feisty fellow also a pain in the .
bubbles: this is my turtle! he will come soon so when i get to know him, i'll update this section. (upd. september 12, 2020)
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hi, im a flower!
played by @floraison
out of character!
timezone: gmt+8
writing format: thirdpov
activity: -5.5/10
muse: 5/10
speed: 5/10
‣ writing style
Most of the time I will only use third pov because i believe i can write a lot better using that pov. Length wise i will write para/multi/novella. It really depends on how interested I am in the plot and how involved my character is. 
‣ plotting
To be honest, I do not plot as much because sometimes i feel too restricted but if the plot sounds absolutely amazing and im actually down for it then i am all opens for trying out a plot. There are times where I want to wing something and times where I want to engage in critical thinking. lol 
‣ reply speed
As of September 05, 2020 I have been very slow with replies. Usually i will be in nonau's since I have more flexibility and more freedom. I tend to back off all my au's when im on hiatus and doing other stuff so au's will always have late replies. Im sorry, that just happens but I try very hard to respond to everyone the best that i can. if ever I take a week to not respond to anyone, you may poke me or remind me. I must have missed or I'm just too busy. 
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april 14 2000
eng tutor
r/s status
not looking
• muse: 10/10
• my number one muse.
• muse: 9.5/10
• when lisa isn't available.
• muse: 8.5/10
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• muse: 6/10
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