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member sincedec. 2012
quirkshy but chatty
ad rules
1. pm me ads, please do not post on my wall.
2. your rp has to have at least three of my bolded muses available. if it doesn't then don't even advertise.
3. i typically go for nonau's when they are advertised or recommended to me. as for au's i go hunting for them myself.
4. if you do advertise an au-roleplay then they have to be of the following: supernatural au, fantasy au, high school/college au, historical au, crime/mafia/city au, and masterxslave/masterxpet au.
5. your rp has to be either or straight. i do yuri but i go for it on my own terms.
6. your rp has to accept internationals. if it doesn't then you can still advertise to me, but just so you know, i prefer internationals.
7. i prefer literate rps. 3rd pov and 1st pov.
8. i do not do pm rps.
9. i do not do zombie aus, matchmaking aus, and tv show aus.
10. if you read all of my rules then say: captain deadpool.
male muses
kwon minsik, kim youngwoo (Exclusive for choi heechu), im jino, kim jongin, jay park, jung kiseok, lee taemin, kim taehyung, lee donghyuck (haechan), jackson wang, im jaebum, yang jeongin, toni mahfud, alex tang, wong yukhei, lee taeyong, ko myeongjae, and edison fanye
female muses 
nyane lebajoa, jennie kim, kim hyuna, ahn hyejin, kendall jenner, zendaya coleman,
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