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yoon bora [A] 55 seconds ago Reply

I don't love wonho- I love wonho's user :DDDDDD

park siyeon 1 minute ago Reply

I do have a crush on your profile since the actual you is a big old douche e n e
I'm not a sheep nor a peasant 
I'm a muddafutthin queen

im nayeon [A] 4 minutes ago Reply

oceani is short but nice :>

bae joohyun 9 seconds ago Reply


kwon hyuk 44 seconds ago Reply 

this is random but oceani's ooc profile gives off the vibe of some kiddo with pigtails who loves giving hugs and milk but seunghoon sounds so serious and why.


min yoongi 10 seconds ago Reply 

lee seunghoon [A] 25 seconds ago Reply
is happy to see people actually roleplaying on rooms.
wipes proud tear

wellyouaresoamazingwhatdidyouexpect <3


jeon jiwoo 1 minute ago Reply 

Loves you as any character tbh


bae joohyun [A] 5 seconds ago Reply 

Reasons why I love oceani pt 2294014602410349837540138745918247

myoui mina 1 minute ago Reply 

So i was randomly watching music videos in youtube like selena gomez, shawn mendez then charlie's attention came on.
Immediately thought of somin while smiling

bae joohyun, 99.9% somin's bcs she greedy [A] 1 minute ago Reply 

y does it sound like oceani and psycheux are long lost twins-


kim junmyeon 36 seconds ago Reply 

wait i thot nayoung was hippoluv not precious doshi rip


koo junhoe, somin's goofy hubby she missing lots ♥ 2 minutes agoReply 

sMh why people ignoring such a happy pill like you i- they must be blind, you're such a floof, you're soft too a a aa i love soft somin she is so cute tho rip. actually just be crazy noona and go yOLO LMAO

◇ luhoney's beejoo [joohyun b.] [A]3 minutes ago Reply

◆ mark l. 3 minutes ago Reply 
never saw anyone so excited to see me blinks 
heart arms a joojoo I love you wiggles

i love you too mWAH MWAH < 3


bae joohyun, somin's princess :D [A] 3 minutes ago Reply 

doshi x psycheux y'ALL I CAN FEEL MYSELF SHAKING THIS WILL BE THE BESTEST COUPLE EVER fite me if u don't agree

◇ luhoney's beejoo [joohyun b.] [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

anyways, hi there my tyong i hope you're doing okay < 3 i love you so much and take good care of yourself < 3 psycheux loves ya < 3

◇ luhoney's beejoo [joohyun b.] [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

i basically love tyong what else do u expect

◇ dahyun k. 1 minute ago Reply

tyong making me like all these new boy groups


◇ lost fishkermitgoatrene [joohyun b.] [A] 2 minutes ago Reply

lmao tyong is just - tbh u know what i love u so much and i hope u know that because if u don't, i won't stop showing you how much i do, like everyday - every second and every minute - if i have to ♡

◇ dahyun k. [sh] 1 minute ago Reply

Speaking of Portuguese.. I went to Macau last week and i remembered -tyong

ㅓbae joohyun 22 seconds ago Reply 

ISTG, oceani is so cute in different dimensions ; ; i love them.

ㅅ kim jennie 58 seconds ago Reply 

honestly when i see anything that could relate to portuguese the first person i think of is oceani 

ㅓbae joohyun 5 minutes ago Reply

oceani baby~ happy birthday~

ㅛ min yoongi [A] 11 hours agoReply 

I just realized somin is played by the same user who played david in my rp I-
how do they give off intimidating vibes over there yet be so bubbly and cute over here???
oceani got me conflicted


CreatedJan 1, 2018 7:02:42

Oceani - the matt to my choa, we've been rping for half a year, that's insane. You're so nice and fun and I always love seeing your messages. I appreciate that you've made me smile even in tough times. I hope we last even longer. <33 I joah you <3



CreatedJan 1, 2018 6:23:00


oceani - You precious bean. Let me love you forever. WonhoexChinhwa is hands down one of my favorite ships I've ever been a part of. Thank you for always greeting me with open arms in every single one of your rps and for always being amazing. Really. <333 And I PROMISE I'll get to replying-


joo minhee。 53 seconds ago Reply


◇ jisoo k. [A] 1 minute ago Reply

Its always entertaining seeing yoojung minah wonwoo taeyong and daniel talk 
Theres a lot of things going on o u o

◇ luhan's schatz [joohyun b.] [h] [A]1 minute ago Reply

"I mean - I ain't gonna lie - there are rpers I have soft spots for and when they come in a rp I'm instantly attracted with my charac to theirs - coz you know exactly how their charac personalities are so you can't help it but hello - I talk to EVERYONE else and we take our time smh"

me to tyong hehehe

◇ luhan's schatz [joohyun b.] [h] [A]37 seconds ago Reply

◆ taeyong l. 55 seconds ago Reply 
I love you two bye


◇ yeji l. 9 seconds ago Reply

like I have my fav ooc peeps - and tae bae included - and I mean we have like what? 3 couples but if that didn't happen, I'd have drag them to do a private rp-
like when you so wanna have a ship and
private rp idiot-
don't do this in open rps like unless naturally, c'mon - like it's so dumb and immature in my opinion

◇ luhan's schatz [joohyun b.] [h] [A]1 minute ago Reply

yeji and i
taeyong and i
wow we guys are like
three idiots lolol

★ park sooyoung — joy. 4 minutes ago Reply 

kakashi stayed single for you hanna