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so y'all stumbled onto my profile. welcome. honestly, there's no much to know about me. i barely show up on this site and i have a real bad tendency to leave people on read. i am pretty much on this site lurking but always on a semi hiatus because like my relationships, i can't commit. the guys and gal you see here are the muses i tend to rp as so you can catch me doing them especially taehyung and yoongi. though, i might try someone not here depending if i am interested in your rp. muses i may try out are: kim namjoon, wang jackson, kim seokjin, jUNG HOSEOK, park jimin **WOW NEVER HAVE I EVER, MARK LEE, AND LEE TAEYONG. SHOOT FOR YUKHEI TOO. THOUGH I HAVE NO ULT. BIAS. I DO HAVE TO SAY YOONGS HAVE REALLY TAKEN MY HEART. TAE TOO. I TEND TO GUYS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE EASIER FOR ME. MOST OF MY MUSES WILL BE FOUND AS DEMIROMANTIC AS MY MUSES JUST TEND TO DATE THOSE THEY HAVE GOTTEN CLOSER TOO. I DO N O T . VERY FEW PEOPLE WILL SEE IT AND I WILL REFRAIN FROM DOING IT. DON'T WORRY I'M OLD ENOUGH TOO, I JUST DON'T LIKE WRITING IT. MY MUSES ARE ALSO MAINLY SWITCHES OR DOMS THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME. SHRUG EMOJI. UH, WHAT ELSE? I WAS KPOP TRASH SINCE 2013 AFTER LISTENING TO B.A.P COFFEE SHOP. BTS IS MY ULT. GROUP THOUGH I EASILY UNSTAN LIKE I DID IN 2015 BECAUSE OF THE FANDOM WHICH IS WHY I ONLY RETURNED TO RPR IN 2018 BECAUSE OF MY REAL LIFE FRIENDS. I THINK THAT'S ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME TO BE HONEST.
full nameDIDI
date of birth07/27
occupationGRAD STUDENT
timezoneGMT -5
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kogane 1 minute ago 

idk how to attacc you
you know i can literally only attacc you with love
and like compliment everything about you
because you’re LITERALLY the living embodiment of perfect