About Me
About me
About me
 Song Jieun
Jung Minhee 
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So... I'm female, and I tend to rp as a female... Sorry

I'm not good with non-au rps... Simply because I don't exactly follow k-pop anymore, but I love to rp.

FLuff, drama (as long as it's planned), angst, action, , highschool au, mafia au, college au. AUs

Turn offs: Bad grammar, short replies.
 My charas 
Song Jieun - RISE (School for the Gifted)
Kaori Menjou - Attack on titan
Rini Ichihara - attack on titan
Lee Halla - Stupid in love
Hyuna - 
Camp αίμα
Song Jieun - Descent of the full moon

Waiting for you
← Otps/biases 
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name♥ extra

On a side note: I don't have any OTPs with any of the characters I play. I will talk to people who are willing to socialize and I think will be good friends with the characters I play. Unless they're not supposed to get along XD 



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