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ganbarou Aug 15, 2018 16:59:56 Reply History your whole self defines the cutest flower too so adorable and also so beautiful :')
compass Apr 14, 2018 0:00:30 Reply History HEEYA MI PRECIOUS MOM uwu so I didn't forget your birthday!! Lol I am always glad that I met you on rpr, your cracking funny personality always made my day. when I was feeling down, you always comfort me :") and did you know that you are the only one from rpr probably that sees my ooc pics before? I miss being in rps with you. I heard that you are quite down lately, I hope that I can be the growing sunshine that gives brightness in your life! Have fun on your trip during your big day!! and hope that you've been getting better regarding your health. I love you more than the universe!! ♡ p.s: imma send this on both rpr and padlet - with love, compass uwu
seo yeji1:52:31 AMReply Florent is so pretty
lili reinhart.2:52:16 AMReply () no freaking matter who florison mi datter rps as, i will always find her soul beautiful
son naeun.2:54:39 AMReply lili reinhart. 39 seconds ago Reply park siyeon. 29 seconds ago Reply jennie kim.23:52:45Reply () I love floraison
kang seulgi.3:50:58 PMReply floral my one and only onii
jung soojung8:12:26 PMReply floor raisin
minhyungculture Nov 24, 2019 21:50:38 Reply History cute floo. my floo there, my floo here, my forever floo &hearts
lee minhyuk. 8 seconds ago Reply lili reinhart. 1 second ago Reply () florison issa amazing person and im blessed everyday to be by her side uwu
cha eunwoo.7:57:05 PMReply you’re a really great admin! especially with the edits, keeping the rps active, i see how hard you work for feel special. although i am not as active as i used to be i always saw you doing a lot of admin work on your own
ester expósito.6:38:36 PMReply wendy issa amazing person, you gonna love her before this day is done :<by rose-qu