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love loyalty and honesty        
love loyalty and honesty        
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april 14 2000
practically dead
ganbarou Aug 15, 2018 16:59:56 Reply History your whole self defines the cutest flower too so adorable and also so beautiful :')

compass Apr 14, 2018 0:00:30 Reply History HEEYA MI PRECIOUS MOM uwu so I didn't forget your birthday!! Lol I am always glad that I met you on rpr, your cracking funny personality always made my day. when I was feeling down, you always comfort me :") and did you know that you are the only one from rpr probably that sees my ooc pics before? I miss being in rps with you. I heard that you are quite down lately, I hope that I can be the growing sunshine that gives brightness in your life! Have fun on your trip during your big day!! and hope that you've been getting better regarding your health. I love you more than the universe!! ♡ p.s: imma send this on both rpr and padlet - with love, compass uwu

seo yeji1:52:31 AMReply Florent is so pretty

lili reinhart.2:52:16 AMReply () no freaking matter who florison mi datter rps as, i will always find her soul beautiful
son naeun.2:54:39 AMReply lili reinhart. 39 seconds ago Reply park siyeon. 29 seconds ago Reply jennie kim.23:52:45Reply () I love floraison
kang seulgi.3:50:58 PMReply floral my one and only onii
jung soojung8:12:26 PMReply floor raisin
minhyungculture Nov 24, 2019 21:50:38 Reply History cute floo. my floo there, my floo here, my forever floo ❤
lee minhyuk. 8 seconds ago Reply lili reinhart. 1 second ago Reply () florison issa amazing person and im blessed everyday to be by her side uwu
cha eunwoo.7:57:05 PMReply you’re a really great admin! especially with the edits, keeping the rps active, i see how hard you work for feel special. although i am not as active as i used to be i always saw you doing a lot of admin work on your own
ester expósito.6:38:36 PMReply wendy issa amazing person, you gonna love her before this day is done
choi san.6:01:37 PMReply sashimi senpai my favourite sushi
sana minatozaki.8:00:26 AMReply me @ all of flori's characters:
jennie kim. (h) Dec 17, 2019 8:24:44 Reply History Hey lisa baby girl, I just wanna let you know that I appreciate and adore you with my whole existence. You're a super great person and there isn't the purf word in the english dictionary that describes you. Know that you are loved by many, and thank you so much for being here. We love you but I love you the mostEst Once one lili-Ed in they can't lili out Xoxo ilysmsmsmsm, nini
jennie kim. (h) Dec 17, 2019 16:26:50 Reply History :") You just mean a latte to me and I decided to let you know just in case you didn't know yet no crying allowed, missy. Your tears are a big no-no Mention not bebi, I love you 3000 shoots arrow hearts your way <3
im nayeon. Dec 17, 2019 8:44:26 Reply History yes and i want you to stay cuz you're the reason why im still breathing #florabongs
advertising rules
i will only join your roleplay if the fcs on the side are AVAILABLE.
nonaus : hetero or all orientations, internationals, semi crack, crack.
aus : korean idols only, supernatural, , city, unique.
if my profile is private, do not try to hack in and leave an ad on my wall or pm.
3rd pov over 1st detailed.
any rules broken, i will delete your ad. not even look at it. 
i love you, boy
lover's name
법률안에 이의가 있을 때에는 대통령은 제1항의 기간내에 이의서를 붙여 국회로 환부하고. 국가는 사회보장·사회복지의 증진에 노력할 의무를 진다. 고용·임금 및 근로조건에 있어서 부당한 차별을 받지 아니한다. 대법원장은 국회의 동의를 얻어 대통령이 임명한다.

국무총리·국무위원 또는 정부위원은 국회나 그 위원회에 출석하여 국정처리상황을 보고하거나 의견을 진술하고 질문에 응답할 수 있다. 군사재판을 관할하기 위하여 특별법원으로서 군사법원을 둘 수 있다, 모든 국민은 신체의 자유를 가진다, 국가안전보장에 관련되는 대외정책·군사정책과 국내정책의 수립에 관하여 국무회의의 심의에 앞서 대통령의 자문에 응하기 위하여 국가안전보장회의를 둔다.
ooc rules
when im busy i tend to private my profile. when im more free, i'll public my profile.
i say this all the time but no one gets it?? please do not add me if we dont know each other.
if you dont like me or dont want to talk to me, thats fine but dont shade me in rooms/towards someone privately and dont make me uncomfortable by purposely ignoring me bcs like that makes me lose muse in an rp and tbh i'll leave a good place if you wanna be that petty and ridiculous. saves you time from being an . pls just pm me if you feel a certain way. lets act like adultsㅡ okay? ty next.
respect me, i'll respect you. do not bring any drama my way. i will block you without hesitation. 
do not mistake our ic relationship with our ooc. unless you give me a reason to dislike you ooc, i wont waste my energy rping with you but i will be civil enough to have small talk.
miss me? want to reach me? kkt/line: @floraisonn.