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coder, literate rper
❛ — Say it in a cold tone and with no manners, The worst way of leaving would be better. No need for awkward considerations, The most definitive end would be better. Got no manners. I think it's the end and even if we don't talk Our unstable hearts shake us. With one dangling piece left, Either one of us takes the first step. We have a good relationship, A kind of similar impression, Only one word comes into my mind When I see you're sitting in front of me. The look that is aimed at a cup of coffee, Seems to be dead.
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hi, hello. you can call me disrespect, didi for short, or k. my past usernames are galaxyhyung, compulsive, and urusai - changed in that order. i've been on and off on this site since 2014, always rotating between rpr and tumblr. i prefer third pov but open to first if it's more convenient. i pretty much side with team plotting, winging can be fun too - it depends on my mood i guess. if you find me in an rp, be sure to say hi, i love making new friends even though i'm not much of a chatter box. thanks for the visit, see ya!
favorite fcs
一. lee taeyong
二. lisa manoban
三. lee taemin
四. im jinah
五. lee donghyuck
六. kiki xiu
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no manners
sweet lies
exo, slowed
quiet down
nct dream
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soft baby who i adore and will forever cherish with all of my love. such a creative wittle bundle of joy sniffles.
loml? my bff? sworn enemy? even though you frustrate me, i sarang you sm. thanks for finding me in a ditch, baka.
the yu to my jae. the jae to my yu. very talented. we're deep in the yujae hole and we're not planning to come out any time soon.
my one and only sadist fiance. loves me a lot and is totally fallen for me hehehe.
my lovable son. despite naughty, he's a softy i can never get mad at. grows up so fast brb i'm going to tear up.
who dis? little cancer sister i like to tease. into vore and gore and all things nasty.