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oh boy!
i really saw that tsun yuta in ny brb crying
hey stalker, how's it going? my past usernames are galaxyhyung, compulsive, and urusai - changed in that order. you can call me k. i've been on this site since 2014 but have been roleplaying years on tumblr before pressing 'sign up' on this cursed platform - i mean that in an endearing way, kind of. i prefer third pov but willing to bend the rules if first is more convenient for you. i really like it if we plotted back and forth; it makes me feel like you're excited to roleplay with me which is always nice. i mirror replies and being in the opposite time zone doesn't matter since i lack the ability to sleep at the right time sighs. i do have other charas on this website and i allow pokes after five days - i'll let you know if something's up. so yeah, i'd like it if we knew each other before you added me but if we've chatted a bit, i'm sure i'll be comfortable in adding you. disrespect out!

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