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hello! i'm rhapsody's wife & walnut's mum.  otherwise, i used to roleplay rose everywhere with taehyung as vrose couple with hobbit. sparklugayassglitter and jungkooks_ass are both my rpr papas. i love chicken & bangtan sonyeondan ( mainly an army ).

disclaimer! do not add me if we've not talked before. i remove people as friends if we do not talk often. i also have the tendency to ignore friend requests.
roleplaying style                                      ♡ ↻
01. plot > wing. detailed third preferred but i can do first too. any genres is fine, i'm willing to try.
02.  quality over quantity. i try to mirror, but i do not force myself to mirror your replies.
03. paragraphing styles? i can do about 3-7.  or novella, it is completely up to you but that's my style.

if you no longer have muse to continue roleplaying with me, please drop me a message and let me know. i like things straightfoward. we can change the plot or characters if we were to continue, or stop roleplaying. do not leave me hanging. 

pet peeve: no random starter. no one liners.
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bae joohyun take the number of dusts, multiply it by the number of grain of sands on this world
and divide it by the number of flying giraffes and you have the amount of love i have for rose
dong sicheng @park chaeyoung i have a bestie who's also a bottom weasel but for the sake of her, let's call her a top weasel. she's never topped me properly but i'll admit she can be a pretty damn good top so there you go. that's mi lovely confession you top yet bottom weasel.bOOM 50 WORDS EXACTLY
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rejection was here < 3 ( i'm too lazy to search for some cool pic- sorry otl. but, you should know why i putted this gif, kay? ;;) 


a friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow.

-Willam Shakespears 

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dear fion,

although this may not be as long as your message, i've tried to make it as meaningful as i can. i'm not really the type of person who likes to make friends but neverthess- i actually really wanted to talk to you when i first saw you on rpr and that's why i added you first tbvh c: . you were a very cheerful person with a bright personality- though i forgot when we first talked heh /slapped. i don't think i've ever said this but you're my bae. i'm glad that you're not afraid to open up and talk about your feelings to me. a million thank you wouldn't be enough and i can't explain how grateful i am right now to have a friend like you. let's cherish every moment we spend and stay beautiful & bright o/ lastly, i want you to know that i love you, get well soon love ♡. 

                                                                               yours truly, rejection