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Alternate account made primary account don't bother adding- besides, i don't know how long i'll be here anyways, so it doesn't matter. please keep IC things IC and don't bother talking to me OOC. i probably won't be around long enough for a friendship to progress anyways. i just want to have the freedom to RP and to enjoy myself without having the past tied to me. i don't need to be reminded of bull. respect me, and i'll respect you. that's that. previously: jettpuffz // Dopediq // herdry // doubleshot // qtpounder // caelestis // supersucc
+Muses lee dabin. song mino. im jaebum. son hyunwoo. Kim Soohyun. Lee Jonghwa. Jeon Boram. jackson wang. kim junmyeon. lee jongsuk.
+Biases lee sunmi. kim yongsun. kim yeri. hirai momo. shin hyejeong. kim seolhyun. watanabe rui. kim jennie. kim jaekyung. lee dabin. park hyemin. kim Chungha. Kim ahyoung. park sojin. son gain. son naeun. ahn sohee.
+Style 3rd pov. slow-moderate replies. plot or wing. fluff. angst. romance. comedy. .
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