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no ads are allowed atm. however, when they're allowed, here are the rules for advertising:

- no /yuri only, 3rd pov only, or non rpr based places because I won't join them. let's not waste each other's time.
- don't add me if it's for ads only or if you barely know me.
- most likely I won't accept friend requests, unless I remember you from somewhere or seen your name around. 
- don't advertise to me if you don't allow ads on your wall or if your page is on private.
- my password is snuggies
- if you advertise to me, expect something back.
- if you don't follow my rules, I will let you know this with a quick message.

if you're blocked, there's are two reasons why. one, you blocked me. so expect to be blocked back. don't block me for petty reasons. especially if I never talked to you. discuss things with me before we have to get to that level. two, I will block you if you don't read my rules and post on wall still. if that happens, I'll let you know to read my rules. if you see my message and just delete it, I will delete you. it's rude to already not read my rules, yes it can be a mistake sometimes. however, for you to not read my rules and just delete my message is rude. I actually do visit places that advertise on my wall, that follow my rules. 

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