About Me
About me
I won't reveal too much about me, lest I want friends searching me and finding me on here. Yeah, no. Just know that I'm a female and I love Kpop, RPing, Writing, Dancing, making people laugh or smile and making friends. I don't bite at all, I'm harmless. I also play a few games that may distract me now and then.

If you're looking to learn my name, we'll have to become friends first. That doesn't mean just adding me as a friend, I want to make sure you're someone I'll continue to talk to.

I also have an AFF, but I lost access to my original account. Original account: Kaigoo. New account: Kailesterol. C:
RPs I'm a part of
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Kim Jongin, Hansol Vernon Chwe and Byun Baekhyun in Aeviternal Knights

Kim Jongin/Kai, Kim Byungjoo and Choi Minki in Core Breakers

Amber Liu aka Persephone in Ambivalence


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Main Bias

This man ruins me, I swear. 
Ad Rules
This is for you, advertisers.

Please advertise if these are true about the RP you're advertising:
1. is allowed.
2. EXO's Kai is available.
3. 3rd POV is an option. Sometimes I'll let this slide, if the RP catches my interest.
4. The RP is AU. I can't get into non-au very much, but I'll try if you can convince me.
5. (Optional) Mpreg is allowed. Doesn't have to be, but it's a plus in my book. You can still advertise if there's no mpreg.

Please do NOT advertise if any of these are true about the RP:
1. is limited. Nope.
2. Straight only. Again, nope.
3. Kai's taken. This is debatable, because sometimes I'll just use a backup character if the RP really catches my eye.
4. IC Drama restrictions. I know my limits and I always check with the person I'm rping with if any event has a green light to happen. Don't worry, I'm not into OOC drama crap. I won't do it.
My RPs

➲ Aeviternal Knights
A -only AU rp. 1st and 3rd pov accepted. Generation system, sort of new. -> Click Me

 ➲ Core Breakers
-only, Pokemon/Loveless/Zatch Bell like RP with its own unique battle system. Honestly, it'd be better if I could make an interactive site for it. Soon. -> Click Me