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내게 행복할 자격 있을까?



I only roleplay or yuri, I'm just not comfortable roleplaying het. I can roleplay as pretty much anyone (as long as I know who they are) I'm also fine with pretty much anything; m-preg, hybrid, age gaps (within reason people) anything really, just not het.
My responses are kind of slow as I'm currently busy with classes and don't have much time for roleplaying but I'll try my hardest to get back to you as soon as I can.


1. i have terrible internet connection so if i do not respond them my internet has dropped out or i'm busy and will reply later.
2. i'm currently swamped with school work so replies maybe a little slow.
3. poke me after a day or so.
4. i am gmt +9:30
5. I'm not on during the day much because of school.
6. I never log out so it may say i'm online when i'm not.
7. i am a mirror writer. if you give me three lines then i will give you three lines, and if you give me three paragraphs then i will give you three paragraphs. (or at last try to)
8. i'm fine with pretty much anything so throw ideas at me, i'd appreciate that.