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hands off my baby pls. - v.t.

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sept. 21 2018
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Surprise !! This is really randomly put together, but I hope you like it as much as I do. just leaving this in your profile as a reminder for you that you are an amazing person! don't tell yourself otherwise. you mean the world to me, and you hold a special place in mi kokoro hehe. knowing you for over a year and seeing how much our relationship has developed really just- idk, I've never smiled this much before. you always deny this, but im being sincere. i've been nothing but happy with you and sometimes (all te time) i wanna smack you for blaming yourself for every glitch in our rs. smh :( i've been pretty obvious with the fact that i will always be there for you. and i will! even with your strong willpower and stubborn that never listens to ur heart, i promise. you don't want me to say this but gAhh i love you so much ♡ you the p to my v.
- your hoe.
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hwang yeji。 25 seconds ago Reply

@choi san。

you’re homer i’m marge

park siyeon。14:16:14Reply

just kidding i love u stinky febreze :(


Lee Taeyong 2 seconds ago Reply 

i am # anti febreze

kirbyy Jul 4, 2019 14:43:45


choi jisu ʰᵉᵃᵈ ʰᵒᵉ17:29:08Reply

if youve ever personally been violated by febreze raise your hand