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previous id ahgassi / 5hyuks
dob01.05 / 21 yo
yo. you might know me under the nicknames ahgassi, 5hyuks, though i've been here as "myeolk" the longest. i have a love-hate relationship with this site so don't be surprised if i suddenly disappear for a month or two and then suddenly come back, as if nothing ever happened.
i usually joing au's. non-au's or crack-rps aren't really my cup of tea so don't even bother me with them. i'm also not much of a -rper, so miss me with the stuff, too. i tend to stick to 3rd pov and most of the stuff i write is multipara or novella if i feel fancy.

choi junghoon (jannabi) in komobi
ma bebes
-crescendo, Latte_, saebom - mess with them & u mess with me >:(((.