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hi i'm kiwi. monbebe. myday. hot mess. addicted to caffeine, sleep, kihyun, and memes. come be my friend ♡
am currently a nursing student so if i'm not around as often as i usually am, chances are i'm crying into a textbook :D

muses; yoo kihyun, lee minyoung, son chaeyoung, shin jiho, jang seungyeon, kim jisoo, yoo jeongyeon, amber liu, xu minghao, yoon jeonghan, park chaeyoung, yoon dowoon, oh seunghee
only advertise if bolded muses are available (´・ᴗ・ ` )

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fetus jeon 1.1 15 seconds ago Reply
upset fruit is why I wake up in the morning gdi
nam woohyun 12 seconds ago Reply
in general, i cherish the sweet things angrykiwi says because they're a pleasant rarity.

dong sicheng 15 seconds ago Reply
angrykiwi x honeymocha
b est shiP

shin hyejeong 30 seconds ago Reply
kiwi usernim is my lover

lee hayi 28 seconds ago Reply
Kyutaro 8 hours ago Reply
Softkiwi, warmkiwi, little fruit of fuzz~
Happykiwi, sleepykiwi, buzz buzz buzz
kim sookyung (someone’s rich auntie) 3 minutes ago Reply
kiwi is my bestest friend wo w 
i luv fruit

kim chaewon 54 seconds ago Reply
i shld make jyeon a comp of every time i've said "gdi kiwi" in 2017

she is mi bestest friend

+ hi, kiwi! :" ) 
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 idek what to say other than you're amazing. ♡ kdjdksn i mean, ever since we started talking, i have never laughed so much. iehdks i just really wanna thank you for being there and always making me smile. even though my chEEKS ARE GONNA FALL OFF ONE DAY ISTG. 

+ love, brenna  

Aenei said i was gonna put some cheesy here but idk what to say other than you belong to moi! mine mine mine. let's keep doing crazy together and being terrible people while laughing at others. iehdjsn and lastly, i love you!! i'm so lame. i'm sorry i can't come up with something better rn. but i got a cheesy line for you in korean. lmfao 난 널 찾았기 때문에 천국은 필요 없어. ♡
>> if you have crazy friends, you have everything <<


no big deal, just my favoritest human ever talking about my favoritest thing ever in a way that that is equal parts and weird af