Personal Message

+I allow any kind of advertisement on my wall! 

+I am not a picky person when it comes to rping

+I like joining new rps , so dont get weirded out if I join your rp after you made a minute later XD I check for new rps once in a while.

+Dont disrespect me in ooc.

+PLEASE NO RACISIM! I've come to notice people being "afraid" or "uncomfortable" rping with people who have western or non-kpop characters. If that is the case just simply tell me that you would like me to rp with a kpop character. I will honestly not want to reply if you say something offensive about non-kpop people.

+No godmodding 


1. Dont advertise if your wall is on private.

2. I am open for any rp but im a er for EntertainmentAUs'

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(Updated 01.23.17)

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