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march 1999 (21)




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Hi there, You can call me by my username or Beanie works just as well. I'm in my first year of nursing school so I'm quite busy at times. During the weeks that I work in the hospital I work in a shift system as well as up to 10 days in a row so my online time will vary quite a lot. Don't trust the online sign either, I sometimes forget to logout or just keep the website open on a tab while doing other stuff.

English is not my first language but I'm trying my best! I feel like my writing is rather simple, for me flowery language is still difficult to understand sometimes OTL

3rd pov is preferred, even though I can do 1st as well if my roleplay partner isn't comfortable with the former
As for writing style, I prefer para/multi-para for actual roleplaying. scripted in chatrooms
Genre-wise, there really are no real limits for me. I like trying out new things. I don't like to plot romance though as I prefer things to progress naturally.
The only thing I don't do, mainly just because I at it, is . Fluff and everything up to first base I'm okay with, but beyond is just impossible for me OTL   In general I just prefer to use female face claims as I feel most comfortable with those :)

Lastly, I guess I'm a rather quiet person, but I still like talking ooc to people, so if you'd like, let's chat!


where you can find me

saito asuka
zhao yue 

marriage at first sight 
miyawaki sakura

in some PMrp/private rp  
Always open to pmrp with anyone. just hit me up :)









I adore all ships in mamamoo, but there's just something special about Wheein And Moonbyul. Perhaps it's because Jung Wheein in my ultimate bias that I just love any of her ships, but Wheebyul synergy is no joke. Even if other pairings in mamamoo are way better known and shipped more, these two hold a special place in my heart. 

yuunaa...they're just that one 'couple'. Rather than shipping them as lovers, I just admire their friendship. from the little things they do for each other, the way they talk about the other, you can see how much they care. I'm glad they've found a soulmate, a shoulder to lean on in each other. May their friendhsip last forever.

Pristin'S 98-line. lovable crackheads. I miss seeing Kyulkyung with Eunwoo and Yaebin, but I'm happy to know they still contact each other. also F*** pledis.


faceclaims I use

 mamamoo  jung Wheein, Moon Byulyi

 oh my girl  Choi Yewon, Kim Mihyun, Yoo Shiah

 weki meki  kim doyeon, choi yoojung

 i+zone  miyawaki sakura, honda hitomi, lee chaeyeon

 akb48  murayama yuiri, kato rena, mukaichi mion, yamauchi mizuki, oguri yui, ao miu, asai nanami

 nogizaka46  saito asuka, ikuta erina

 chn48  zhao yue, sun zhenni, lu ting, song xinran, su shanshan, ju jingyi, dai meng, xu jiaqi, lin siyi

 bts  kim taehyung

 exo  oh sehun, byun baekhyun, park chanyeol

 actors  seo kangjoon, park hyungsik, lee jongsuk, nam joohyuk


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Saito Asuka (Nogizaki46)






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