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Moonlit Mansion
Baekhyun (taken) - Kitten
John (single) - Master

Purr  For Me
Jongin (pets: yuhi) - Master

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Master's Little Angel / Song Ahri (me) and Park Hyemin (--LovelyLittleAntry)
Party's Surpises / Byun Baekhyun (me) and Kim Jongin (UndeadVampire)

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Please read Through this. i don't want to get advertisments that aren't going to appeal to me, because i can get agitated easily, and will probably start blocking people. and i don't want to get to that point of frustration.

don't advertise if:
- your roleplay is nonau
- your roleplay is 3rd pov only
- your roleplay restricts the idea of homouality
- your roleplay is matchmaking, crack, or a city!au

do advertise if:
- your roleplay allows and yuri, or just (i'm picky on my straight roleplays)
- your roleplay is an au roleplay with an interesting theme
- your roleplay allows detailed 1st
- please have one, or at least as many of the characters open that are listed below. one female and one male, please
baekhyun, luhan, chanyeol, yang woohyuk, park hyungseok - females i can be picky about


my sweet revenge

[taken [biual [rayhan <3 [02/15/15]

Funny thing is that you aren't even going to see all this. But I guess that makes this better for me to be disgustingly cheesy. You, you little , are wonderful. Not too many people know about the that happened for me to have the trust issues that I have, as well as abandonment issues and problems with feeling like a worthless piece of . Then you came around and you made things better. You haven't fixed everything, but I don't feel like another girl that's just there with that extra sprinkle of feeling unwanted. I also find it hard to beleive how easy it was for me to fall so deeply in love with you. I've always been the type to diregard love without it being there for a long while, but I kind of understand it now. You help the way I look at myself too. Whenever I talk to you, and after you leave, I can look myself in the mirror and smile instead of frowning at what I see. I guess that's kind of granted, since there would probably be a problem if I felt like I had a bully again. I'm still pissed with you for turning me into "that". Little er. But I guess I got my revenge seeing as it's not a one-way street.

Hey. I love you, Rayhan. Please don't leave just yet. I"ve attached myself way too much to be able to protect myself for that.

*:.. ..:*


everlasting sunset

[name [name [name [name]

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