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Hannah - 04-29-98 - bi - single

mood: I don't even know ; thoughts: Why must you make me love you~!  ; eye candy: 2yoon ; earcandy: 2yoon Nightmare ft. Ilhoon

Hello everyone! I am B2utyandtheB2st. You can call me B2uty or Hannah. Either one is fine. I am a 98 liner born on the 29th day of April. I am shy if you meet me on person but I am really talkitive on here! ^-^ I like many people, and will talk to anyone if you talk to me. 

You are special to me.

CheckMate - Zummmm - EverythingInOne 

Xander - DragonMask - GriffinBoots

Gumiho - Lakely

My life ruiners

Lee Hi - Gayoon

Dongwoon - Junhyung 

Seungjin - Jiyoon



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