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Name: Alin                         Gender: Female                           Type: Roleplayer/writer                            Timezone: GMT +2                       Link: Plots


Hey there stalker ;D
The name is Alin, and if you're a close friend then you can call me Lin or Linny or anything you think suits me..
I'm a mature roleplayer and writer who enjoys roleplaying mature roleplays and plots, and writing fanfics as well..

I'm a busy human being, but I try to be here is often as I can..


Advertisement: I'm a bit picky about the roleplays I join, so it would mostly be waste of time to advertise to me, but be my guest if you most..

Roleplaying Rules: I mostly roleplay as a female character in a hetro-ual plot/relationship. I very very rearly roleplay as a male character, or yuri. Plot wise, as I mentioned earlier I enjoy mature kind of plots, basically anything that resemble a plot you might read in a book. Nothing too fluffy, comedy or crack. I do both 1st detailed and 3rd detailed POV, no one-liner. No godmodding. [More to be added]...

Does: Drama, Angst, , Romance, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Slice of life (open to more suggestion)

Doesn't: Crack, Fluff, Comedy, Too much gore, Horror

PMRP & Private RP: As much as I enjoy a full of people roleplay, I as well enjoy one on one roleplay, so don't be shy to ask..

Plots:                                         Your Unwanted  Wife ;; The Other Woman ;; The Bound of Hatered ;; My Last Day ;; The Price of a Bride ;; Unforgivable ;; Priest ;; Snap Decision
I'm open and flexible to alerting my plot ideas, and even more to hear and work on new ones. Otherwise I have a few ideas you might want to hear about.

Characters I played: 

Min Sunye [Wonder Girls] ;; Park Kahi [Soloist] ;; Kim HyunA [Soloist] ;; Yura [GirlsDay] ;; Kim Yubin [Wonder Girls] ;; Park Dara [2NE1] ;; UEE [After School] 


Burning91Rose: The very first person I roleplayed with and the first close friend on asianfanfic and roleplayrepulic I ever made. Years had been since we roleplayed together, but I still remember the roleplay and our characters. I don't recall enjoying roleplaying with anyone as much as I did with you. Even thought you aren't around here much more, you still hold your place in my memories and heart. The girl from Houston..

Orangeleadah: Oppa... I hope you are doing good. You're just as missed as burning91rose.. I hope life is treating you good and that you aren't working yourself sick.. I wish you could get back here and work your magic on a new roleplay that would be a hit like the one we used to roleplay on in asianfanfics..
Fiftyshades: Hey Genny.. If it weren't for you, I don't guess I would have been back here.. You are such a great friend both here on my rl life.. I enjoy every moment we have together so let's keep it like this.. Even when we grow old, and remember these sweet days with a smile upon our lips. I wish you all happiness in whatever you do and achieve..
Out-Of-Control: I really really miss someone who used to sing to me; "nonna neomu yeppo" I hope you're good and everything is as they should be..


Would you want to know more??.. Come talk to me, I don't bite ;D


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