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hall of shame.
bae joohyun 4 minutes ago Reply
idk about you guys but i love yxgurt

dank meme queen baekkieboo Ⓜ19 seconds ago Reply
just wanna say that yxgurt is so freaking precious and i luRVE HER WITH ALL OF MY DANK HEART

wang feifei 19 seconds ago Reply 
jung jaehyun [A] 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurt is lyf

lalisa manoban 1 second ago Reply
tfw yxgurt's photoshop skills are lit

saebyeol. 4 seconds ago Reply

jung eunbi 14 seconds ago Reply
i make yxgurt's heart go boom boom everyday

jung chaeyeon 6 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt pls i'm your fav- flips hair

jung eunbi 43 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt will always be mi aehyun

shin hoseok 58 seconds ago Reply

shin hoseok 6 seconds ago Reply
honeymocha x yxgurt 

bezaleel 2 minutes ago 
hn g yxgurt

somi 5 seconds ago Reply
'no one knows me'

-dated 28408 people
-has made 45 roleplays
-has people screaming yxgurt left and right

park chaeyoung • "rosanta" [h] 7 seconds ago Reply
nah, i'm yxgurt's mom o u o
shin hoseok 2 minutes ago Reply 
yxgurt's edits give me life and that's a hard thing to do i-

shin hoseok [A] 21 seconds ago Reply 
hornymocha topped with special ingredient yxgurt

now selling for $69.69

lee taeyong 10 seconds ago Reply 
wiggles mi eyebrows at yxgurt and aggressively moans

atsuki 1 minute ago Reply
When your lowkey yxgurt's saesang fan
park chorong 26 seconds agoReply
but i love you yxgurt and u know that muahh

kim mingyu 54 seconds ago Reply
moon taeil 50 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is my bae guys this has been a psa

mark lee Ⓜ 30 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt senpai 
be mai fren jsy <333

mark lee Ⓜ 52 seconds ago Reply
i luh u yxgurt 
wit ol me heart <3
lalisa manoban Ⓕ 4 seconds ago Reply
appreciate yxgurt
nakamoto yuta Ⓜ [A] 3 minutes ago Reply

nakamoto yuta Ⓜ [A] 18 seconds ago Reply
ydek i use yxgurt's stuff 25/8
i a do re yxgurt

kim taehyung Ⓜ 1 minute ago Reply
wys but you are yxgurt, bomb coder, layout genius, html literate
jung jaehyun [A] 8 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is bae ngl

kim hyunjung 26 seconds ago Reply
meh. idk yxgurt will always gonna be my unofficial bf

yu barom 13 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt and me are hoes
hoe buddies 4 life as the ko0l kidz say

kim hyunjung 54 seconds ago Reply
make it yxgurt x vibana x honeymocha

yu barom 33 seconds ago Reply
brb marrying yxgurt bc memes and no sleep soulmates
meep soulmates

kang seulgi 1 second ago Reply
Yxgurt is literally my favorite lmao
lee mijoo 26 seconds ago Reply
ten chittaphon leechaiyakul [A] 33 seconds ago Reply
choi seungcheol 9 seconds ago Reply 
me: sees jaehyun
also me: hi yxgurt!

min yoongi 1 minute ago Reply 
park hyemin 1 minute ago Reply 
@jung jaehyun you called me in so o o 

A beautiful woman with a charming yet fiesty personality. Having the most amazing body youve ever seen, she is extreamely seductive. A sweetheart, but not the one you want to cross. She will do anything for her true friends and family. Gorgeous eyes, nice teeth, and a banging body. Shes everything you could ever want, and more. If youre lucky enough to get with her, you dont want to let her go. She is one of a kind.
Youre dating Lena? Dont mess it up, or someone else will treat her right.
#angel #beauty #fiesty #seductive #bad

ahn hyejin [A] 53 seconds ago Reply 
Jeffrey x Yxgurt

dong siNcheng [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
jeffrey x yxgurt otp
qian kun 1 minute ago Reply 

chinese [A] 3 minutes ago
w-wait is this the god of coding yxgurt i'm -
have you been here before oh my god we've been noticed by the god ; A ;

ten 39 seconds ago Reply 
when i see yxgurt i think meme
ekshi [A] 34 seconds ago Reply 
so many types of yogurts
you got lowfat, greek,no sugar
but there is only one yxgurt e u e

chad oppa 1 minute ago Reply 
i love yxgurt
peach yoplait wishes it was him

[sh] shin hoseok 8 minutes ago Reply 
sparkly is my papa
yxgurt is face hoe
suki chan is my suki chan

puppy!char 9 minutes ago Reply 
lee dabin [A] 6 seconds ago Reply
when jeff talks as if he's the loneliest person on earth, but is actually one of the most known members rn

brian kang 9 minutes ago Reply 
yxgurt is legit tagged as daddy for me
sparkly is joojoo
and seyong is squish/soulmate

phronemophobia Feb 1, 2017 21:05:13 Reply History 
hnng hello im kintsuki and im whipped for yxgurt <3
j. changwook 31 seconds ago Reply
is that yxgurt senpapi

j. changwook 4 minutes ago Reply
i love yxgurts jaehyuns
they're the best jaehyuns
they're the only jaehyuns i like
other than yhe one time i rped jaehyun and almost dated yxgurt lmfao

j. changwook 50 seconds ago Reply
shakes the world
i need
to date

k. doyoung [A] 2 seconds ago Reply
my ideal type is yxgurt & microwave

k. doyoung [A] 12 seconds ago Reply

k. doyoung [A] 38 seconds agoReply
suddenly misses being in a rs with yxgurt
rip sicheng x yeri

jeon jiwoo. 11 seconds ago Reply
here goes yxgurt's legendary memes.

l. chittaphon 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurt senpai 
teach me your coding ways

kim seokwoo 15 seconds ago Reply
jung jaehyun 25 seconds ago Reply
[if me and hoegotcha would date]
me: sends him memes
hoegotcha: laughs

me: sends memes
yxgurl: spams memes
me: rapid fires memes
yxbaby: inhales memes

yang hongseok 8 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt: beloved by turnips

yang hongseok 43 seconds ago Reply
oh its feb fourteen. lemme go greet someone special

send s yxgurt flowers bcs that bootiful hoomang deserves it

nakamoto yuta [A] 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurts gay af for me
and im straight for yxgurt
it just works that way

zendaya coleman 45 seconds ago Reply
lee taeyong [A] 16 seconds ago Reply


son naeun 1 second ago Reply
everyone wants a piece of yxgurt

son naeun 2 minutes ago Reply
istg guys if after this yxgurt say things like "my writing " or something like that, tell me
so that i can expose his writing ok ok

myoui mina ᶠ 1 minute ago Reply
please tell me jaehyun is yxgurt

if not im leaving this website

lee joon ᵐ 1 second ago Reply
jung jaehyun ᵐ 38 seconds ago Reply
shaves my legs bc aphrodite must be pretty

the first thing i see is yxgurt being yxgurt gdi

kang seulgi Feb 16, 2017 18:37:34 Reply History 
e u e so we meet again....dearest yxgurt

jiwoo j. ♡ 4 minutes ago Reply
queen jia ♚ [A] 17 seconds ago Reply
go to yxqurt's rp layout place, he got amazing layouts

jiwon k. ♡ 49 seconds ago Reply
jeffrey j. "send nudes/send s" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 5 seconds ago Reply
piccolo > yxgurt's new soulmate

kihyun y. ♡ 20 seconds ago Reply
wow mingyu gets to sit on yxgurts lap. ur life has found its meaning boy sit back and enjoy

jimin p. ♡ [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
Yxgurt senpai

big bona 1 minute ago Reply
i knew that i was about to say that tbh 

jimdae x yxgurt are my favorite ships

kang kino 1 minute ago Reply
lim nayoung 1 minute ago Reply
i wanna bully yxgurt but yxgurt is too scary fr me

how is yxgurt scary yxgurt is adorbs

myoui mina 44 seconds ago Reply

lim nayoung 32 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt: becomes straight for jimdae
also yxgurt: mostly flirting arnd alone
kim mingyu 17 seconds ago Reply
yxgurl making me shed tears rn
i feel so special i just-

 — seo youngho 46 seconds ago Reply
98% selfual, 1% hetero, 1% yxgurtual,
i took off one percent from my profound love for my ownself

  — seo youngho 7 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt strikes again

turnips [A] 9 hours ago

yeo changgu 1 minute ago Reply 
jeon jiwoo 29 seconds ago Reply
yeo changgu 2 seconds ago Reply
i can go on for yxgurt on and on

tbh me

yxgurt is too bae to resist

myoui mina 2 minutes ago Reply 
tsuki x yxgurt back at it again

lee taeyong 16 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is a boss at photoshop
i've seen those works of art and i cry bc what skills

park chaeyoung 3 minutes ago Reply 
yxgurt nugu aegi

  — nancy mcdonie 46 seconds ago Reply
if yxgurt's going to be one of the admin line then this rp needs to have an oscar award of having the best admins ever ♡

  — nancy mcdonie 52 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is my second most favorite human being ever, he looks so fluffy and fragile and everything nice around me that i can't help but protect him with all my might u n u ahh, gfdi baby. you're making me so weak ♡

— kim chungha 17 seconds ago Reply 
i'm still wondering how the mouse get into yxgurt's house

— ji hansol 2 minutes ago Reply 
— lee taeyong 50 seconds ago Reply

— chonnasorn sajakul 36 seconds ago Reply 
huggles yxgurt bcs is the best brother ever

— ji hansol 36 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is the type of content i signed up to see

— kang kino [A] 1 second ago Reply 
jaehyun is like a blessing to every living thing 
yxgurt you a blessing to me

— lim sejun 1 second ago Reply 
— ji hansol 28 seconds ago Reply
oh my god yxgurt is killing me
someome s top

Best fite I've witnessed *cries*

— park chanyeol 8 seconds ago Reply 
would sell my kidney for yxgurt

— kim chungha 21 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt: i'm so gay
yxgurt: saw jimdae
yxgurt: suddenly i'm bi

— kim chungha 1 minute agoReply 


— kang kino [A] 28 seconds ago Reply 
i missed you yxGURRRRRRRT

Jeon Wonwoo 2 seconds ago Reply

— song dahye 33 seconds ago Reply 
hi, I just want yxgurt to know that you are magnificent and wonderful. the ones who have betrayed you were not worth your time and obviously didn't see the amazing person you are, I feel bad for them cause they missed out. ❤️

Park Jisung 39 seconds ago Reply
the ad on my screen: 'meet y russian ladies'
me: but i already got yxgurt--

Yoon Bora 18 seconds ago Reply
yall dont understand
yxgurt is fckin gr8

yeri. 42 seconds ago Reply
tzuyu. 3 seconds ago Reply
i don't know yxgurt that well but when i see silly edited dps i'm just like 'yep its prolly yxgurt' and it is ; u ;

jia m. 23 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is cool asf

jung eunbi [ sh ] 13 seconds ago Reply
I cry ooc when I see yxgurt's and pixel's layouts ;;;; sho prETTY

moon taeil 10 seconds ago Reply 
notices yanan is yxgurt

choi yewon 3 seconds ago Reply 

kang seulgi 50 seconds ago Reply 
once yxgurt creates an rp, it's always awesome and lit. remember that always.

park yeeun 5 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt so kyot ;;

kang seulgi 1 minute ago Reply 

jeon wonwoo 5 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt deserves love and respect.
jeon wonwoo 5 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt deserves love and respect.
jeon wonwoo 5 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt deserves love and respect.
jeon wonwoo 5 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt deserves love and respect.
jeon wonwoo 5 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt deserves love and respect.


kim mingyu 23 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is fav hoe
yxgurt is perfection
me love yxgurt

kang seulgi 5 seconds ago Reply 
jung yerin 11 seconds ago Reply
lalisa manoban 2 seconds ago Reply
everyone loves yxgurt idk anyone who doesnt

son gain 1 minute ago Reply 
jae: constantly cries about the fact that apparently he doesn't know anyone and has zero friends
also jae: gets appreciated literally everywhere

kim mingyu 39 seconds ago Reply 
if y'all don't love yxgurt
meet me outside my trashcan
we're going to have a friendly talk

kang seulgi 2 minutes ago Reply 
i'd date jaehyun tbh bcs he's totally the ideal man but then he's too good for me.
and idk. i just love him so mucho, yxgurt pls dont ever change or i'll srsly cry

park yeeun 34 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt's charas are bf/gf material

park kyungri 27 seconds ago Reply 
sour milk oppang is here woop woop

kim jiho 6 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt's layouts are my aesthetic


c. mimi 40 seconds ago Reply
l. taemin [A] 37 seconds ago Reply
who's yxgurt

i heard yxgurt is the pope of rpr

j. chaeyeon 42 seconds ago Reply
j. jaehyun 28 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is a hoe

and in christmast he went hoehoehoe

l. sunmi 31 seconds ago Reply
love you too yxgurt

l. sunmi 13 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt, that was so sweet wtf
my heart had the feels

l. donghyuk 24 seconds ago Reply
you'll know it's yxgurt even without looking when:
1. weird dp
2. byuntae
3. highkey likes guys
4. rps jaehyun

k. "meme" mingyu 10 seconds ago Reply
how do you know it's yxgurt ; honeymocha edition

1. your fav hoe senses are tingling

l. jooheon 44 seconds ago Reply

lee yuna 39 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt: im a horrible admin
*when his rps are all lit*


jeon somi 17 seconds ago Reply
clings to jaehyun bcs ily yxgurt

lee taeyong 1 minute ago Reply
yxdieu & chadeur

lee taeyong 6 seconds ago Reply
yxdieu you meme a lot to me
i su ck at f eelings but this is r eal

park sunyoung “ sailor moon ” [A] 9 seconds ago Reply
o k maybe an exception for yxgurt bc they call me a goddess

lee taeyong 26 seconds ago Reply
where do you see yourself in ten chittaphon years ?
obv on my golden yacht with yxdieu eating seroc and apples d uh

lai guanlin 54 seconds ago Reply
me: sees chxgurt in any rp
also me: it's not even a ship anymore it's a ing luxury cruise -

lai guanlin 27 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt pls
i can write a whole trilogy on why you're amazing and why i love u

dong sicheng 2 minutes ago Reply
no yxgurt you're more than okay

kim taehyung 2 minutes ago Reply
i think i'm going to start coding something if i can find the time
and force yxgurt to open a nonau with me

  lee luda 15 seconds ago Reply
kim wonjoong [A] 9 seconds ago Reply
yo what the yxgurt is pretty ooc i want to kill myself im so offended and disgusted

me when i saw her photo ealier

kim wonjoong [A] 1 minute ago Reply
i want to drink bleach because of yxgurt

kim wonjoong [A] 1 minute ago Reply
i want to drink bleach because of yxgurt

lee luda 2 minutes ago Reply
we r all shookt by yxgurt's beüti

lee luda 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurt feeding ur ego with compliment wen u rlly r sht

lee luda 57 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt feeding ur ego with compliment wen u rlly r sht.
i luv yxgurt
yxgurt is mi luv
yxgurt is my bb

myoui mina [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt is bae af

myoui mina [A] 43 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt bae pls you're ing amazing

meng jia 1 second ago Reply
i think i turned a little ghei after seeing yxgurt ooc face

meng jia 19 seconds ago Reply
ohmagad i still can't get yxgurt's face out of my mind c":

park jimin 26 seconds ago Reply
me when I see taemin: its tigobitties
me when I see ten: its pixels
me when I see jaehyun: its yxgurt
me when I see jia or fei: its hygge

lee taemin 48 seconds ago Reply
Tag: low fat, aesthetically pleasing yogurt ✎ Tag

jung soojung 45 seconds ago Reply
yxdieu's answer for everything: ask & take even if it's a no

luda 24 seconds ago Reply
throws yxgurt's layout shop all over

p. sora 20 seconds ago Reply
I want strawberry yxgurt now tbqh

m. jia 11 seconds ago Reply
j. jessica [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
we all need a̶ ̶j̶a̶e̶h̶y̶u̶n̶ yxgurt

j. jessica [A] 8 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is my husband/bae/wifey
like honestly find yourself a yxgurt

park sooyoung 6 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt's iconic selfcest

lee luda 7 seconds ago Reply
yxgrt give me aesthetic minmalistic codes for gallery s pls i bEG

park sooyoung 1 second ago Reply
hirai momo 2 seconds ago Reply
I just grabbed a couple list layout from yxgurt's shop but I literally filled it with icons c": i lob yxgurt's shop stan yxgurt

proud chingu of yxgurt입니다

nam joohyuk 18 seconds ago Reply
all the codes i'm using comes from yxgurt's layout shop sO

meng jia 35 seconds ago Reply
i love your layouts like i love you okay yxgurt

nam joohyuk 25 seconds ago Reply
jeon jungkook 1 second ago Reply
yxdieu should code more often

meng jia 54 seconds ago Reply
i hate yogurt but i love yxgurt C:

meng jia 4 seconds ago Reply
you're aesthetic asf yxgurt c:

joo kyulkyung 1 second ago Reply
yxgurt without pepe is not yxgurt

kang daniel [A] 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurt and the meme dps

kang daniel [A] 21 seconds ago Reply
199 belongs to papi yxgurt

joo kyulkyung 13 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt: wow you're so handsome @yxgurt
yxgurt: omg yes bby you've good judgement wow lets date we're a perfect match im handsome you're smart

park sunyoung 2 seconds ago Reply 
kim yerim 3 seconds ago Reply
once a yxgurt always a yxgur

kim jongin 2 seconds ago Reply 
yxdieu lives in imgur with crotch gifs and memes

park yeeun 8 seconds ago Reply 
i mean i'm trash for yxgurt in general

jeon somin 42 seconds ago Reply 
i'd kiss yxgurt even though i'm str8

kim yerim 36 seconds ago Reply 
me: looks at yxgurt's kkt dp
also me: t ouches the dp from my screen - my heart is weak

yoo shiah 23 seconds ago Reply
jaeggurt is an eggcelent friend

yoo shiah 34 seconds ago Reply
jaegurt and I would be the friends that meet up and only share memes or baby pictures of pet pictures

park jihoon [A] 1 minute ago Reply
yoo shiah 1 second ago Reply
I heard layouts
stan yxgurt's layouts

kang daniel 25 seconds ago Reply

zhu zheng ting 1 minute ago Reply
did my eyes spot a yxgurt

yoo shiah 10 seconds ago Reply
omg i get to witness yxgurt's beautiful rping b y e

o. sungwoo ☆ [A] 33 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt you know what's amazing?


jo jinho [A] 1 second ago Reply
yxgurt is a total babe

y. shiah [A] 51 seconds ago Reply
[] yxgurt is just aesthetic ; ;

lee donghun 18 seconds ago Reply
veggiesneke loves yxgurt

kang yoochan 1 minute ago Reply
jesus christ yxgurt

im nayoung [A] 20 seconds ago Reply
but tbh i use yxgurt's layouts 80% of the time

wong lucas 18 seconds ago Reply
goose dad is yxgurt when he is jaehyun and panda dad is yuta

kim seolhyun [A] 58 seconds ago Reply
yoon bora [A] 59 seconds ago Reply
i love yxgurt's layouts sm wtf

son seungwan 10 seconds ago Reply
i was supposed to post "istg i love yxgurt" but then the internet crashed. the love was too strong i guess


kwon mina [A] 32 seconds ago Reply
thats my new main layout once yxgurt releases it
that'll be on the profile of all my characters
yup yup

meng jia 17 seconds ago Reply
nah i need a "keep calm and love yxgurt" shirt : D

sana minatozaki 1 minute ago Reply
jungkook [A] 13 seconds ago Reply
jae is just generally talented tbh

perks of being a yogurt

meng jia 26 seconds ago Reply 
wow i'm love yxgurt ;;

kang daniel 41 seconds ago Reply 

lee luda. 34 seconds ago Reply
i love yxgurt's dps

jaewon jung 7 seconds ago Reply 
mi expired yogurt is indeed very precious-

jungkook jeon [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
Jaehyun's codes are the base of this roleplay

jiwoo jeon 54 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt's codeeeee

jeon jiwoo. [A] 22 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt = senpapi

jung soojung. 2 minutes ago Reply
Its yxgurt
The god
Wow hella nice 2 meet u

jeon jiwoo. [A] 27 seconds ago Reply
im always 100% in love woth yxgurt

minatozaki sana. 2 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt is the layout god

im nayoung [A] 8 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is my senpapi shh

choi yujin [A] 11 seconds ago Reply
smushes my face to jaegurts and coos
is me favorite type of gurt
not yogurt, yxgurt

◇ jennie k. 28 seconds ago Reply 
jae x yxgurt
the best ship ever

kwon junhui 1 minute ago Reply
im nayoung [A] 2 seconds ago Reply
park sicheng 12 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt's layouts give me life
s h eds a m anly t ear

im nayoung [A] 1 minute ago Reply
yxgurt is my senpapi u gl y gigg olZzZ

park sicheng 1 minute ago Reply
i love yxgurt
yxgurt is my life
yxgurt is my religion
i love memes
which means i love yxgurt
wait my eyes are sweating now
i love yxgurt a lot

ahn hyejin 6 seconds ago Reply
but yxgurt tho <33 my love

jeon somi 12 seconds ago Reply
amber liu 17 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is bae af

park hyomin 49 seconds ago Reply
Yxgurt is the biggest bae

ahn hyejin 54 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt x unrevealed
now this is good

park hyomin 2 seconds ago Reply
amber liu 30 seconds ago Reply
If you're a person on rpr and you dont know who yxgurt is

you need help

lee seoyoon 9 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is taking over the place as always

amber liu 13 seconds ago Reply
has taken my life
what to do

kang daniel 18 seconds ago Reply
ily moar @ papi yxgurt

jeon somi 2 seconds ago Reply

jeon somi 57 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt more like daddy b YE

jeon somi 50 seconds ago Reply
"because you seem to flirt with anything that walks"

kinda yxgurt's trademark???

jeon somi 31 seconds ago Reply
ho i love yhoegurt

meng jia 42 seconds ago Reply 
hng i'm hardcore ygxurt trash : D

oh sehun [h] 8 seconds ago Reply 
i want to marry jaehyun ooc or her dad

oh sehun [h] 58 seconds ago Reply 
wong viian 16 seconds ago Reply
when I saw yxgurt ooc on her kkt oicyure I thought sje was a model

 lee yejin ❛ mulan ❜ 1 second ago Reply 
meng jia ❛ nemo ❜ 39 seconds ago Reply
@jung jaehyun
Y is for Yes, always believing in yourself
X is for X-factor, people are drawn to you
G is for Groovy, the coolest
U is for Unique, you're one of a kind
R is for Ravishing, an entrancing beauty
T is for Talented, gifted with ability

: D

Where's the lie though?

bae joohyun ❛ elsa ❜ 1 minute ago Reply 
Guys I love Yxgurt so much its not even funny

park jimin ❛ puss in boots ❜ 17 seconds ago Reply 
we'll watch a movie one day yxgurt bby one day

park jimin ❛ puss in boots ❜ 1 minute ago Reply 
plain greek yogurt isn't great but i tend to like the flavored ones, icelandic yogurt drinks like siggi's are super awesome too and then chobani of course makes some great products
all in all i love yogurt and yxgurt

bae joohyun ❛ elsa ❜ 1 minute ago Reply 
when Yxgurt is an admin tbh any roleplay will be kept alive

jeon somi ❛ minnie mouse ❜ [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
yxgurt is the best

lee donghyuck ❛ woody ❜ 25 seconds ago Reply 
honestly i started reading yogurt as yxgurt

bae joohyun ❛ elsa ❜ 28 seconds ago Reply 
Yxgurt's memes can save me tbh

shin hoseok [A] 4 minutes ago Reply
yxgurt rping nct is my assthethicc as well

ahn hyejin 1 second ago Reply
johnny ̶y̶x̶g̶u̶r̶t̶ makes me happy

chittaphon ten 16 seconds ago Reply 
lee mark 1 second ago Reply
kim doyeon 13 seconds ago Reply
lee yejin ( sh ) 2 seconds ago Reply
Let's all take a second (read: an eternity) to appreciate yxgurt and her charas and her general existence k thx

lee yejin ( sh ) 1 second ago Reply 
Stan talent stan yxgurt

lee yejin ( sh ) 7 hours ago Reply 
Can I just say that yxgurt is the holy grail/golden fleece/heart of Tefiti because everyone and their mothers be looking for her
I aspire to be on yxgurt's level

joe chen 31 seconds ago Reply 
Brand new show coming on tv: Everybody Loves yxgurt
I would watch the hell out of that show
lee yejin ( sh ) 7 hours ago Reply 
Can I just say that yxgurt is the holy grail/golden fleece/heart of Tefiti because everyone and their mothers be looking for her
I aspire to be on yxgurt's level
j. dahye [A] 11 seconds ago Reply

ten. 2 seconds ago Reply
Created: Aug 3, 2017
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jimin. [A] 25 seconds ago Reply
jaehyun. 40 seconds ago Reply 
wheein. 27 seconds ago Reply
jia. 22 seconds ago Reply
aaah jaehyun's rper is pretty asf

meng jia 2 minutes ago Reply 
honestly tho, yxgurt's chara has a lot of charm. i can see why a lot of ppl like him.

lee mark ( sh ) 35 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is a plate of sashimi, my fav

ahn hyejin 1 minute ago Reply 
when you only just met yxgurt in this place and now you're lost in yxgurt mountain, there is no turning back

kim yerim 42 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is like a blanket
but for your soul
when you talk to yxgurt
your soul is warm

kim yerim 1 second ago Reply 
yxgurt could play a sock and i'd still lov

kim jungeun 35 seconds ago Reply 
idk why the first time I saw yxgurt ooc I thought she was legit a model and she really reminds me of lily collins eue

h. momo 1 second ago Reply
Why do I get disappointed when a jaehyun isn't yxgrt lmao
i. jaebum 3 minutes ago Reply
i think of yxgurt as a legend no joke
i. jaebum 2 minutes ago Reply
b ows down to yxgurt
o. sungwoo 2 minutes ago Reply
i think yxgurt as a crab mom
o. sungwoo 41 seconds ago Reply
when rpr loves yxgurt t his happens

meng jia 36 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt never fails to make me smile in general

lee yejin 13 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt: Oh I gotta go to bed
yxgurt 5 hours later: Oh I gotta go to bed

meng jia 21 seconds ago Reply 
yxgurt is adorable in general

park chaeyoung 11 seconds ago Reply 
I lov yxgurt

park chaeyoung 1 minute ago Reply 
are u a vegan yxgurt can I eat u

lee yejin 1 minute ago Reply 
My life is 100000000000% yxgurt love

lee yejin 1 minute ago Reply 
Yes I do know it o/
*loves all yxgurt's charas all over rpr*
*loves yxgurt in general*

meng jia 17 seconds ago Reply 
honestly have a big crush on yxgurt bye

lalisa. 2 minutes ago Reply
yxgrt senpai

✿ Momochi 1 minute ago
ooc yxgrt is gorgeous

cheng xiao 3 minutes ago Reply
s.o to yxgurt because without her the role-play would've looked like aesthetics

муѕєℓf (lalisa manoban) [A] 1 minute ago Reply
Becky x yxgurt the ult ship okno

blockbtob1a4men 1 minute ago Reply 
Tmw you can't resist a yxgurt rp
Tmw you can't resist yxgurt in general

kim jongin 15 minutes ago Reply 
i once dated yxgurts charrie
it was so surreal
so niceu

donghyuck l. 1 minute ago Reply
i tHinK YXGuRT iS TRYIng tO kiLL me with thOse kKT PICS

jeongyeon y. 1 minute ago Reply
gurt’s eyeliner is always so perfect

donghyuck l. 1 minute ago Reply
such a f ucking b abe

jeongyeon y. 3 minutes ago Reply
gurt is so beautiful i h8

meng jia. 1 minute ago Reply

ten chittaphon leechaiyakul. [A] 1 second ago Reply
kim yerim. 11 seconds ago Reply
song qian. [A] 18 seconds ago Reply
Im a for yxgurts layouts

song qian. [A] 17 seconds ago Reply
I’m a sluUuut for yxgurt in general gigglesSs
Can I get an a m e n hallelujah

kang mina. 45 seconds ago Reply
i lov yxgurt he made me a heart and flower layout once

byun baekhyun. 2 minutes ago Reply
ok i like that insta layout yxdieu im taking it thanks

song qian. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
nugu whomstevdstevdstevedstv yxgurt

kim seokwoo 20 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt is hub

kim jisoo 1 minute ago Reply
Yxgurt is amazing

park jeup 1 minute ago Reply
jung jaehyun 2 seconds ago Reply
k now im afraid to access the othe r sites bC WHO TF KNOWS MAYBE HUB WILL TELL EM TO BLOCK ME AS WELL

hub: ' hey, please block yxgurt bcs he searched 'asian kids diq' yesterday. thanks '

jung sooyeon. 7 seconds ago Reply
song qian. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
I wonder how yxgurt feels
When he sees his layouts everywhere
Bc im not even yxgurt and i get excited when i do

song qian. [A] 3 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt trash bc
Yxgurt is rlly pretty irl bye

askckom wank. [A] 54 seconds ago Reply

song qian. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
I like yxgurt in general

meng jia. 2 minutes ago Reply
i really like yxgurt and her charas bye

meng jia. 58 seconds ago Reply
song qian. [A] 15 seconds ago Reply

meng jia. 5 seconds ago Reply
I lava yxgurt so much


jaskckom wank. [A] 55 seconds ago Reply
ey gurt
u should have a fan club name

cho kyuhyun. 13 seconds ago Reply
meng jia. 23 seconds ago Reply
who would've flirt with yxgurt really ?

 kim yerim. 32 seconds ago Reply
i would flirt with yogurt irl

dad taeyong. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
oh hayoung. 8 seconds ago Reply
kwon hyuk 3 seconds ago Reply
lee sungkyung. 1 second ago Reply
it's so weird to see gurt as a woman

But tbh, he slays every character he plays

kim jisoo. 1 minute ago Reply
why i havent bows and kissed gurt's toes as greetings again?
*bows & kissed jae toes

  [ꌗ]♖ Taeyong L. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
@[ℜ]♜ Jaehyun J. Sei’s favorite hobbies
1. Loving Gurt
2. Provoking Gurt
3. Stressing Gurt

lee sunghwa 21 seconds ago Reply 
' voldemort pics'
voldemort = snek
snek = orochimaru
johnny dad = orochimaru
orochimaru = uchiha
uchiha = gurt
gurt = voldemort 


oh hayoung. 1 minute ago Reply
Tbh I only loved jaegurt senpai once
I loved senpai since day 1 and I never stopped
jung jinsoul. 1 minute ago Reply
lalisa manoban. [A] 1 minute ago Reply
dad taeyong. [A] 10 seconds ago Reply 
when all of gurts layouts are amazing nani
❁ park jinyoung [A] 6 seconds ago Reply

❁ park jinyoung [A] 4 seconds ago Reply
gaspS long posT
❁ park jinyoung [A] 44 seconds ago Reply
whis pe r s
thi s iss a secre t don't tell jaed ad
but u h kind a ga y for h im th o
yxgur t iss a gr10 oHo giggloz
ong hubby 28 seconds ago Reply
jaedele: i swear i hate coding 
also jaedele: makes the greatest and most bootyfur codes that everyone drools over
yu eunbi 2 minutes ago Reply
when yxgurt lavas you, then ya know, you’ve finally made it. wipes awei feminine tears :”
seulgi k。[sh] 1 minute ago Reply
Jaegurt, bless your heart honestly. I admire your dedication to produce codes constantly. I wish I had the same level of efficiency with my own art;;
seulgi k。[sh] 49 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt, you made my night that much better last night with the compliment, so ; ;
zziwooo 46 seconds ago Reply
[] me tho
sees jaehyun as “iboy69”
me: it yxgurt
me: is right
kim seokwoo 39 seconds ago Reply
if jaehyun ain't yogurt then the world isn't right
MaleWifey 20 hours ago 
idk I am the emotional one
in my eyes you're like you know some kind of idol
and you replied to my comments and talk to me and I/SCREAMS
feel blessed
yukhei w。 6 seconds ago Reply
when you actually wanted to write 
but it'ss yxgurt & you love you some yxgurt & you can't just pull that ty scheme
 soonkyu l。 25 seconds ago Reply
(*sees yxgurt*
✿ soonkyu l。 47 seconds ago Reply
(When you gotta be suuuuuuper careful not to hoe for yxgurt bc you ALWAYS hoe for yxgurt)
❀ baek yebin 52 seconds ago Reply
ng ☀ 10 seconds ago Reply
I'm always impressed when I see yxgurt's jaehyun in chatroom vs detailing on walls, A1 quality would recommend
❛ lucαs。 [A] 37 seconds ago Reply
yxgurt here is an honor
lucas. 37 seconds ago Reply
[ ] i ing love gurt's name it's so pretty like her i kjdfskjdf
minqi! 18 seconds ago Reply
° < ooc: i love gurt to bits. Shes amazing. mIc dRoP. > °