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yelim 4 seconds ago Reply
admins: which nct member
gurt: yes

❈ aiyana lewis4:26:37 AMReply

yo gurt’s one of the few ppl if not the only person I know gets ppl to crush on him and he doesn’t even try

♚ kim hyuna [A]04:57:26Reply

✦ ahn hyejin6:57:20 PMReply
✦ zhou jieqiong [A]9:57:12 PMReply
stan gurt's layouts for clear skin

About Me

kim sejeong. 22 seconds ago Reply 

gurtgurt is the mom from mean girls

kim nahee. 27 seconds ago Reply 

I joined for gurt

mark u. 1 minute ago Reply 

yxgurt lemme suk ur dic

xiao dejun. Feb 18, 2019 8:19:50 Reply History 

whoever becomes distant, i dont know what they are thinking. you've seen already how many people love you and like you, and you've also listened to the reasons why they do. you're easy to aproach, positive, you worry about others, you're always willing to help and try your best to make everyone feel included. im still surprised you dont see how amazing you are nfjgkh i could make a long list of why you're the best person, the softest and cutest and most fun and interesting one too. innapropiate at times but thats one of your biggest charms. you make my heart go doki doki but thats another story. i just feel like everytime theres something new i learn about you. and if someone decides to drift apart its their loss tbh :") so how can you say you're not the best person or that youre not enough,,, it hurts me knowing that you think this about yourself and that you're hurting. i'd do anything for you to be the happiest bc you deserve that and more, you deserve everything. i love you, and i love everything about you, just the way it is.

lee chaeryeong16:36:14Reply

papa's writing style is so good like,,, wow i am speechless

nam yoonsu [A]16:38:00Reply

meng jia9:37:42 PMReply
yoo shiah 48 seconds ago Reply
kang daniel [A] 12 seconds ago Reply
gurt is admirable to me bcs the personality isn’t fake. what gurt shows you its what you get.

lalisa manoban16:39:46Reply

last week really made me see how soff gurt is

meng jia16:40:30Reply

gurt issa soff person okok

yoo shiah16:41:13Reply

gurt: so damn cute iM ADOPTING

kim chungha 1 hour ago Reply

you're the "famous gurt" if you ask maybe you shall receive

☼ : soojin seo。22:15:33Reply

my top 5 is
the rest

☼ : soojung jung。 26 seconds ago Reply

we can't all be gurtgurtmcyurt

☼ : minah bang。 44 seconds ago Reply

I mean sigh who isn’t whipped for Jae

☼ : hyejin ahn。 [A] 1 minute ago Reply 

YOU YOU PIECE OF FOR BEING SO CUTE. And so kind. And always reaching out to me whenever I feel like . You always do things for people without question, and I can tell that you value friendships so much. You’ve always been so loveable, even if you do have your weird , gay moments. I will always sign for you whenever you want. I love you c:

☼ : jinri choi。16:59:41Reply

me: talking about graphic design confidently
me: *sees gurt and shuts the hell up* nvm

 yelim 4 seconds ago Reply

admins: which nct member
gurt: yes

c. yura21:05:46Reply

can i rp as gurt ><

an seungwoo ᵘᶜʰᶦʰᵃ15:57:55Reply

[yxgurt voice] you can be jesus if I nail you donw ;)))