Personal Message


(not so important):
My timezone is UTC +2 but I'm pretty much online all the time. 
If I am online and not replying it's because I forgot to log out, or I'm online with my phone (and didn't log out) or my internet connection is being a again. 

I can be terribly shy at first, but I love talking to people (so you can write me ooc if you want to, I really don't mind!)


(this might be more important):

I can't do one-liners. Shorter replies are fine with me, really, but normally I try to give it length. 
detailed 1st or 3rd POV but for long and deep plots I highly prefer 3rd and I won't answer those when I'm on my phone because otherwise I can't guarantee there are no typos or it will be any good so 3rd POV replies are coming when it's evening for me. Well mostly. 

Genre wise I'm pretty much in for anything, but I'm not really good with funny stuff or overly romantic things.
Most of my characters are both top and bottom, but there are a few who I won't let bottom at any cost, but those are the ones I'm not really rping anyways, so yeah 

Replies can be super fast or super slow, there is almost nothing in between so please don't worry if one day I write back like in ten minutes and the next day it takes me hours! 

(Oh and sometimes random starters are fine too~)


For PM rp just ask me, but maybe you could drop me a ship or something because it's pretty stressful for me right now over here and I don't know if I'll be able to work out every little detail right away! So patience is the key with me right now!