Personal Message
Just a trash person
but like premium trash
Haven't been here in a while but am looking forward to being back! So start up a chat, throw me your rp pitches and maybe I'll join if I don't have too many on my plate at the moment. and I am always up for private rps be in on pm or on mobile. so seriously, just throw me a message even if you just want to say hi! 
a mess
Please keep in mind that i am a full time student with a job. i will do my best to respond and be active but do not spam me until it has been three days without a response 
thank you 
As of july 16th, 2018 I am active again
open / accepting
NO based please
No straigjt only
I love literatre roleplays that encourage a lot of writing 
understanding of busy lives
non-au or au is fine



At the moment none